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  • green tea splat paper texture

    28 Free Old, Vintage Paper Textures and Backgrounds

    Guest AuthorComments

    Using paper backgrounds is quite common these days. Free paper textures or textures in general can be a valuable resource for any designer. Paper is a not only used to write but it can be also useful as a texture in doing some web design or graphic projects as well. […]

  • Great Examples of Modern Web Designs in 2016

    Great Examples of Modern Web Designs in 2016

    Steven BowenComments

    Everyone knows that for running the business effectively, it is better to change the aspects with time. The same concept applies with the website designing. Since website is a mandatory channel for the organization to establish the business in the digital marketplace, every year a new layout becomes a trend. […]

  • Aptana Studio

    20 Best and Must Have jQuery Plugins and Tools

    Mike SmithComments

    JQuery a framework that makes JavaScript development much easier and has become the solution of choice for web designers and developers. […]

  • Plasma Drip BRK

    Top 23 Scary Fonts and Dingbats for Halloween Designs

    Guest AuthorComments

    Halloween is coming up soon and for designing something unique for this spooky Halloween, such as party invitations, fliers, cards, and other related stuff, you must need some scary fonts. […]

  • i love u floral pattern

    55+ Impressive Floral Patterns and Backgrounds for Designers

    Guest AuthorComments

    Flowers had been the source of design inspiration for various artworks. It can be seen in so many designs with various styles, colors and shapes. That is because of the beauty of the flowers. Each of them is unique from the other and each of them creates a distinct fascination and impac […]

  • SEO Glossary Terms

    SEO Terms and Glossary, SEO Definitions

    Mike SmithComments

    List of search engine optimization or SEO terms and glossary widely used in the on page and off page optimization of a website. […]

  • How to Build a Functional Business Website with WordPress

    How to Build a Functional Business Website with WordPress

    Gayane MarComments

    Although building an efficient website is not the easiest thing to do, that's pretty different with WordPress. As the most widely used CMS, it's beginner-friendly, easy to customize, and offers tons of features and functionality. […]

  • 30 Amazing and Free WordPress Themes

    30 Amazing and Free WordPress Themes

    Sujain ThomasComments

    Web design is no longer as difficult as it was a few years back. With sites like WordPress , you can create your own webpage or blog without the help of a professional web designer. […]

  • Top 20 Efficient Tools for Advanced Content Development

    Top 20 Efficient Tools for Advanced Content Development

    Kate SimpsonComments

    You're creating content day after day, week after week, month after month. Do you remember your very first attempt to develop a piece that would get the attention of your audience? There are two kinds of first-timers: […]

  • Free HTML5 Template for Photography and Portfolio Websites

    16 Useful Free HTML5 Website Templates

    Guest AuthorComments

    HTML5 has become a popular trend nowadays and also there are tons of websites offering free HTML5 and CSS3 based websites templates, but finding the good one that fits your needs is not an easy task. To save your money, time and effort on fin […]