Top 24 Magento based eCommerce Sites for Inspiration

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Magento Commerce is perhaps the most popular open-source ecommerce software platform for growth that promises to revolutionize the industry. Its modular architecture and unprecedented flexibility means your business is no longer constrained by your eCommerce platform. Magento is also popular because of its rich feature set, excellent backend, and extremely flexible theme structure.

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Here is a list of Magento powered eCommerce sites and stores for your inspiration and to check before launching your eCommerce site.

1. Shoes for Crews, Slip Resistant Shoes


Shoes for Crews, SFCeurope produce leading non slip, anti slip and slip resistant work shoes and footwear. Reduce insurance premiums with Shoes for Crews!

2. Robert Graham


Robertgraham offers a full collection of Robert Graham designs, sport shirts, polos, pants & shorts, swim, sport coats and leatherjackets and ties, jeans, denim, cufflinks, hats, Freshly Laundered sale and more for men and women.

3. Matthew Williamson—Fine Clothing

Matthew Williamson—Fine Clothing

The Matthew Williamson website was designed to showcase the clothing's beauty and sophistication. The main shopping page shows a model wearing one of the Matthew Williamson designs against a brightly colored background, while interior pages use a simple white background to accentuate the product offerings.

4. Organic Clothing, Bath and Bedding for the Whole Family


Get 15% off all regular priced eco friendly, fair trade & organic clothing in their store. All Clearance Items are 50% off! Hassle free returns & money back guarantee.

5. Womens Contemporary Boutique Clothing Online


Shopwillowandash mission is to provide our loyal customers with a fun selection of clothing and accessories to help you look and feel your best without putting in effort!

6. Dainese—Motorcycle Gear

Dainese—Motorcycle Gear

Dainese has appeared in several Practical eCommerce articles as a positive example of website design. This site combines Adobe Flash with the Magento platform for an impressive product detail page. is also available in several languages, another feature that the Magento Commerce platform makes easier.

7. Michalsky—High Fashion Apparel

Michalsky—High Fashion Apparel

Just notice that how the site's dark background makes the product photographs stand out.

8. Mydeco—Home Decor

Mydeco—Home Decor

Mydeco has made excellent use of Magento's product attribute features. As evidence, click on the shopping tab and select a room, say bathroom. Here you will find left-hand navigation that allows you to drill down to exactly what you were looking for by selecting a price range, color, retailer, designer, or more.

9. NerdyShirts—T-Shirts in Poor Taste

NerdyShirts—T-Shirts in Poor Taste

It is a site that takes advantage of Magento's features without looking like it just used the demo store theme as a basis for its design. It is also a good example and what it means to develop a site design that communicates your store's brand image.

10. Flowers Italy Florist

Flowers Italy Florist

Flowersitaly offers a service to send flowers in any city in Italy, you can send gerberas, roses, lilies and other flowers in Italy. They can delivery in any town including rome, bari, bologna, palermo, venezia, naples, milan and torino. Local florist delivery the floral orders.

11. Zumiez—Skate Apparel

Zumiez—Skate Apparel

Zumiez is a nationally recognized brick-and-mortar retailer that extends its in-the-mall brand to its Magento-powered website. The design is clean and legible with a touch of the grunge aesthetic.

12. Hello! Lucky—Invitations, Gifts, and Stationery

Hello! Lucky—Invitations, Gifts, and Stationery

The Hello! Lucky website makes excellent use of scrollwork and nostalgic imagery to convey the company's expertise in printed materials. This is simple a very good ecommerce website design.

13. Asphaltgold—Best Shoes Forward

Asphaltgold—Best Shoes Forward

Asphaltgold puts its products right up at the top of the home page on this minimalist site design. If you're a fan of clean and simple design, this is the Magento site for you. The concept is austere and lovely; sparse and yet product-rich.

14. Lodger—Fancy Footwear

Lodger—Fancy Footwear

Lodger does a great job of providing large, clear, and interesting product photography. For example, check out the "Shoe of the Month" and hover over the tab that says, "Product Views."

15. Wholesale Fashion Jewelry, Wholesale Fashion Accessories

Buybuyjewelry.Com offers a one-stop shopping experience which includes fashion accessories, hand crafted semi precious jewelry, designer looks, Austrian rhinestones, Swarovski, Italian glass beads, cubic zirconium, fresh water pearls, unique necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, bangles, cuffs, pendants, brooches, and more.

16. Wild Poppies—Flowers, Gifts, and Gift Baskets

Wild Poppies—Flowers, Gifts, and Gift Baskets

Wildpoppies offers a simple and clearly feminine design that makes good use of color and background.

17. MYLA—Woman'S Swimwear, Sleepwear, and Lingerie

MYLA—Woman'S Swimwear, Sleepwear, and Lingerie

MYLA London makes great use of photography, including a large seasonal image on the home page, photo-heavy category pages, and high-quality product detail images that can be panned and zoomed.

18. Kidstuff


Kidstuff with beautiful website design now offer a special gift wrapping service with personalised gift cards along with other kids related stuff.

19. NkdMan—Skin Care Products for Guys

NkdMan—Skin Care Products for Guys

The NkdMan website clearly aims at male vanity, it does so with a very handsome ecommerce website design that features deep contrasts in color, masculine tones, and excellent product photography.

20. Discount Shoes Online


Shoesonline24 is a professional trade enterprise specializing in the shoes online store. All there products are with high quality, reasonable price and excellent design.

21. Uncorked—Wine


Uncorked website design captures some of that esoteric experience, using images that convey a lifestyle as much as it promotes a beverage.

22. Jones Soda—Beverages and Beverage-Related Gear

Jones Soda—Beverages and Beverage-Related Gear

The trendy Jones Soda Company is using Magento to power its well-designed online store. And, you have to love the ultra-smooth slider on the home page.

23. Buy Cheap Tiffany Jewelry, Tiffany and Co Jewellery Online Sale


Buytiffanyjewelryonline are a professional online designer jewelry outlet who has many years experience in trading authentic tiffany jewelry with our esteemed customers.

24. MiniRepublic—Hip Kids Clothes

MiniRepublic—Hip Kids Clothes

The site makes use of Magento's many features along with Adobe Flash technology and vivid photography to create a compelling and comforting customer experience.

You are most welcome to suggest any additions to this list. You can use the comments box below to make any suggestions.

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