28 Creative Logos with Hidden Messages

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Nowadays, as a graphic designer, it's hard to come up with great and meaningful concept for a logo and satisfy the customer needs. As more and more trends pass over the internet, many creatives got trapped in this vortex and focus their logo designs for short term periods and not long ones.

Have you ever stopped to appreciate the hidden details in a logo? Today we have collected many famous logos that contain hidden messages. Some might be well known, but we hope you will learn about new ones as well!

Creative Logos With Hidden Messages

Find out what's hidden in the Amazon, Stylo Design or Baskin Robbins logo. Some of the messages are more obvious than others, but all of them are clever and revealing.

1. Amazon

amazon logo with hidden messages

That yellow arrow is not just a smiley but it also suggests that you can buy everything A to Z on Amazon.

2. Spartan Golf Club

spartan golf club logo with hidden messages

Conceptual logo that shows a golfer taking a swing and the head of a spartan warrior in helmet at the same time.

3. IBM

IBM logo with hidden messages

Finally here is a logo designed for an IBM internal event as a poster by Paul Rand no less, one of the finest logo crafters of all time.

4. Baskin Robbins

baskin robbins logo with hidden messages

Baskin Robbins offers 31 flavorous of ice cream. The number 31 is hidden in the logo within the letters of B and R.

5. NBC

nbc logo with hidden messages

The feathers of this peacock represent the 6 different divisions of NBC. The head is visible suggesting the peacock is looking toward the viewer.

6. Cluenatic

cluenatic logo with hidden messages

This was a logo created for a puzzle game called Cluenatic. The logo has the letters C, L, U and E arranged as a maze. and from a distance, the logo looks like a key.

7. ED

ed logo with hidden messages

Amazingly use of the negative space to demonstrate the letter 'E' and 'D' making the logo look like an electric plug.

8. Continental

continental logo with hidden messages

The C and O letters at the beginning of the word shape a tyre, which Continental produces.

9. Yoga Australia

yoga australia logo with hidden messages

In this Yoga Australia logo you can discover the shape of Australia in the negative space formed between the woman's raised leg and back.

10. FedEx

fedex logo with hidden messages

A classic one. Behind the FedEx logo's simplicity, lays an arrow located in the negative space between the 'E' and 'X' pointing rightwards.

11. Toblerone

toblerone logo with hidden messages

Toblerone chocolate company from Bern, Switzerland, which is known for high mountains. Bern is also called "The City Of Bears". Find the hidden silhouette of a bear in the mountain illustration.

12. Northwest Airlines

northwest airlines logo with hidden messages

The Northwest Airlines logo has two hidden meanings. For one it has the letters N and W in positive and negative spaces. And there is another less apparent idea in there. The red triangle points to north-west within the circle as if it was a compass.

13. Elefont

elefont logo with hidden messages

Elefont is another logo with a hidden meaning in the negative space. Find the trunk in the lowercase letter e.

14. Carrefour

carrefour logo with hidden messages

The logo symbolizes the word 'Crossroads' and represent it via two opposite arrows. They also added the first letter of the name, because if you look closely you'll see the letter "C" in the negative space between the two arrows.

15. Sony's VAIO

sony logo with hidden messages

At first all you see is modern typography, but there is actually a hidden meaning of Sony's VAIO logo. The first two letters represent an analog signal and the last two are the 1 and 0 of the digital world.

16. the Bronx Zoo

bronx zoo logo with hidden messages

The Bronx Zoo logo shows the animals within a city with tall building. Smart play with positive and negative spaces.

17. MyFonts

myfonts logo with hidden messages

Notice the palm of a hand in this MyFonts logo made out of the letters M and y.

18. SUN Microsystems

sun microsystems logo with hidden messages

Look at the brilliant observation that the letters u and n while arranged adjacent to each other look a lot like the letter S in a perpendicular direction.

19. Goodwill

goodwill logo with hidden messages

Goodwill is a nonprofit organization that helps disadvantaged people in North America. The letter G in the logo is a smiling face, conveying the notion that Goodwill provides happiness and relief to those in need.

20. Hope for African Children Initiative

hope for african children initiative logo with hidden messages

This is not a map but take a closer look, you will see two people facing each other in this logo.

21. Families

families logo with hidden messages

Families is a Readers Digest magazine. The letter "ili" are transformed to show a simplified and stylised family of three.

22. Tostitos

tostitos logo with hidden messages

The letters TIT are reflecting the two actually people enjoying mexican food at a table.

23. Snooty Peacock

snooty peacock logo with hidden messages

Snooty Peacock is a jewellery store. Notice the hidden peacock in the face.

24. Hartford Whalers

hartford whalers logo with hidden messages

The Hartford Whalers logo shows 3 concepts at the same time. A whale's tail, letter 'W' in green and the white space forming an 'H' for Hartford.

25. Eighty-20

eighty 20 logo with hidden messages

The squares actually a binary code for the name. Top line: 1010000 and on the bottom: 0010100.

26. Stylo Design

stylo design logo with hidden messages

This logo was made by Stylo Design, a design agency from Covent Garden, London. The entire logo is created with only one number; the number 8. By omitting certain parts of this number, they were able to create the brand name.

27. Unilever

unilever logo with hidden messages

Unilever produces literally thousands of different products, thus the letter U is made up of symbols representing all these products and what they mean to their consumers.

28. Formula 1

formula 1 logo with hidden messages

The Formula 1 logo has a hidden number 1 between the letter F and the speed lines.

You are most welcome to suggest any additions to this list. You can use the comments box below to make any suggestions.

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