20 eBay Auction, Inventory Management and Online Selling Tools

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eBay is a very popular buying and selling platform and used by many different types of sellers. Different sellers need different eBay tools. While eBay offers its own listing tools, you may find that eBay's tools don't provide the listing features you need; for example, listing your inventory across multiple auctions sites in addition to your own Web store.

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Inventory management and multi-channel ecommerce software can help you to create your own online store. Here are 20 Inventory Management and Auction Management tools to help you better manage a multiple channel selling strategy for eBay.

EBay Inventory Management Tools

1. BigCommerce

An award winning ecommerce software solution helps you setup a professional online store with shopping cart, product pages, secure checkout, order processing and more.


2. DesignCart

DesignCart has provided the easiest to use, most secure, online shopping carts for thousands of small and medium sized businesses. As a third-party hosted online shopping cart, DesignCart is perfect for a small to mid-size businesses that wish to sell their products on the web and reflect a "big business" presence.


3. T-HUB for QuickBooks

T-HUB is an order-management solution designed to integrate your ecommerce stores with QuickBooks and Shipping services (UPS/FedEx/USPS). T-HUB works with several leading ecommerce platforms and shopping carts such as Amazon, eBay, Yahoo stores, Magento, Volusion, GoDaddy, X-Cart, BigCommerce, AmeriCommerce, osCommerce, AspDotNetStorefront and others.

T HUB for QuickBooks

4. ChannelMAX

ChannelMAX offers the most comprehensive 60 parameter Repricer or pricing management (repricing) for your listing accross many sites such as Amazon (US, UK, DE, FR, CA, JP), Buy.COM and PriceGrabber. You may have 100 SKUs listed in Amazon or 500,000 SKUs listed in Amazon. ChannelMAX can manage it with ease, it all happens automatically, no manual intervention needed.


5. AuctionSound

AuctionSound is an inventory management solution for consignment and retailers leveraging sales through eBay, Amazon and Craigslist. Our web-based software handles all of your inventory management, photo hosting, eBay templates, consignor management, reporting and much more. AuctionSound supports various eCommerce business models such as eBay drop-off centers, consignment shops, retail stores, inventory warehouses and even the at-home seller. Increase your sales and build a better online reputation with the right software.


6. Solid Commerce

Solid Commerce is a multi-channel ecommerce platform that allows you to sell and list items across a number of sites including eBay and Amazon. Inventory management features lets you synchronize your inventory stock levels in real-time across your various sale channels and manage your business from a central interface. Pricing is based on monthly sales revenue.

Solid Commerce

7. ProStores

ProStores offers sellers a complete ecommerce platform, including Web store, shopping cart, built-in templates and more. EBay sellers can sync eBay and ProStores inventory and also list on eBay from the ProStores interface.


8. Infopia

Infopia offers SaaS ( Software as a Service ) ecommerce solutions including a Marketplaces product to build a multi-channel business by optimizing product sales across your own website and online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. Sellers can manage all online inventory, marketplace listings, and orders from one place. Contact Infopia for pricing details.


9. Mercantec E-Commerce Express

Mercantec E-Commerce Express is an entry-level storefront and cart service so you can sell in a number of places including site and eBay. You can use E-Commerce Express for auction (and other types of online checkouts including eBay fixed price listings. Mercantec lets you create an Instant Storefront or generate Snippets that are embedded into existing content. E-Commerce Express is a free service.

  • Item editor
  • Sales tax
  • Shipping
  • Coupons
  • Order Viewer
  • Order notifications to your mobile phone
  • Amazon Payments, Checkout By Amazon
  • eBay alternate checkout
  • eBay "Fixed Price" listing service
  • Google Product Search/Google Base listing service
  • Google Analytics E-Commerce tracking/statistics
  • FDIS/LinkPoint (direct credit card processing)
  • Google Checkout (certified integration)
  • PayPal Express Checkout (certified integration)
  • TrialPay (certified integration)
  • Mercantec "Direct Order" form
  • Accept all major credit cards with no merchant account required
  • "Instant Storefont" for a simple hosted store
  • Shopping Cart Snippets
  • Order Form Snippet
  • BUY NOW Button Snippets
  • Inline Snippets provide a more consistent shopper experience
  • Dynamic Snippets reduce maintenance and save time
  • Compatible with any website, blog, auction, social network, or email
  • Compatible with all website tools (FrontPage, Dreamweaver,Joomla!, etc.)
  • Compatible with all web hosting providers

Mercantec E Commerce Express

10. Kosmos Central

X-Cart Integration for eBay is the Fastest and Easiest way to manage inventory, pricing and order processing for eBay and your online store.

  • Our powerful eBay software comes fully integrated with the latest shopping cart technology
  • Quickly upload inventory to eBay
  • Easily manage eBay products from your X-Cart store
  • Control how products appear using eBay listing templates
  • Choose the eBay category/store category products appear in
  • Automatically download eBay orders to X-Cart
  • Manage orders in X-Cart and your eBay account is updated in real time
  • Order information includes customer details, address, item number, description, price, shipping, tax, transaction ID and more
  • Automatically update eBay tracking information
  • Specify shipping methods for eBay orders
  • eBay orders processed by PayPal are automatically added to your online store
  • Customer accounts are created in your online store using the information provided by a customer's eBay account
  • Use the online store's e-mail order notification to send an e-mail text message to your cell phone, PDA, pager or other SMS enabled device every time you receive an order
  • Detailed order information can be sent via e-mail to you and your customers
  • If you use UPS Shipping you can enter tracking numbers provided by UPS and your customers can login and track their orders
  • Also available: Integrate eBay with Microsoft Dynamics RMS (Retail Management System)

Kosmos Central

11. Techwave Free Shopping Cart

Techwave Ecommerce free shopping cart software provides everything you need to build, update and maintain an online store. They are providing static HTML pages that are search engine friendly. With just a mouse click you can setup all of the Meta tags, title, alt tags etc. They also provide everything at one go with a more user friendly shopping cart. Teckwave brings to you easy ecommerce solutions and a free shopping cart software that is fully integrable with Microsoft CRM, Sugar CRM for organized business and sharing procedure.

Techwave Free Shopping Cart

12. Vendio EBay Listing Software

This is an eBay listing tool that you can use to create and manage your online auction pages. It's a multi-channel solution that can manage sales across eBay, Amazon, a Vendio Store and more.

Vendio eBay Listing Software

13. AuctionBlox EMarketConnect

With AuctionBlox, you can have your own hassle-free online store. Easily advertise your products on eBay, Google and your own online store all from a centralized dashboard.

  • Open source code for unlimited customization capability
  • Painless inventory import and export using Excel
  • Comprehensive payment methods include PayPal Website Payments Pro and merchant credit card processing
  • Real-time shipping quotes from major shipping carriers
  • True search engine optimization
  • Flexible product attributes engine
  • Managed hosting including monitoring and daily backups

AuctionBlox eMarketConnect

EBay Auction Management Tools

14. EBay Turbo Lister

eBay Turbo Lister is a FREE listing tool to help you create professional-looking listings, as well as upload and edit items in bulk. Try the latest version of Turbo Lister that makes listing on eBay easier than ever.

  • Easy bulk listing and editing capability
  • Search tools to find items fast
  • Toolbar and special views for better control of your listings

15. Blackthorne Basic

Blackthorne Basic is an all-in-one software application that will enable you to create professional listings in bulk, track the status of sales, and manage buyer communication and feedback - all from your desktop. Blackthorne Basic is ideal if you list at least 25 items a month and prefer an end-to-end desktop tool.

  • List and relist items in bulk
  • Manage your sales correspondence

16. EBay Selling Manager

A tools designed to monitor your sales more efficiently with eBay Selling Manager. Free for all sellers and conveniently located in My eBay, Selling Manager is an online tool designed to help medium-volume sellers manage their eBay listings. For a complete solution, create and upload professional-looking listings with free Turbo Lister, then manage them with Selling Manager.

  • Track active listings
  • Generate bulk feedback and print invoices
  • Print invoices and labels in bulk

17. Auctiva

Auctiva auction management provides eBay sellers with a number of tools including professional eBay templates, marketing tools, image hosting, listing software, and inventory management.

  • The largest selection of eBay listing templates
  • A quick, easy-to-use One-page Lister
  • Our incredibly popular FREE Scrolling Gallery
  • Abundant help resources
  • World-class customer support
  • Compatibility with eBay's latest features and policies
  • Frequent updates including user-requested features
  • E-commerce education and expert advice
  • A comprehensive set of tools to list, market and manage all your eBay listings

18. AuctionSplash

AuctionSplash is free but it is also the best desktop application for eBay. AuctionSplash works with eBay US, eBay UK, Ebay CA, eBay AU and others.

  • Single page listing screen
  • Free picture hosting
  • Free templates
  • Free scheduled listings
  • Auction monitoring
  • Print labels and invoices
  • Automated feedback
  • Design your own templates
  • Advanced marketing tools
  • Advanced stats
  • Image watermarking

19. EZLister.Net

EZLister.Net is an exciting new web-based system that manages your auction business not just your auctions.

  • Automate routine tasks in an intuitive style separating workflow into a logical sequence of steps benefiting operations of all sizes.
  • Includes a patent pending re-listing feature, complete accounts receivable processing, a minimum two year history of transactions, and integrated shipping functions.
  • Solutions for all of the routine tasks associated with posting on line auctions available at a low, flat rate.
  • Inventory tracking and profitability reports are available at all times during the sales process.
  • Includes robust internal management reports that may be its least appreciated but most important feature.
  • A flat rate pricing model resulting in the lowest price on the market addresses a constant concern to active eBay sellers.

20. Supreme Auction

Supreme Auction is an eBay Compatible application that lets you create multiple listings and submit them to eBay. The application offers free template designs, widgets, images and more. With this tool you can list on eBay U.S., eBay UK, eBay Germany. Supreme Auction is free, and there are optional paid upgrades available.

You are most welcome to suggest any additions to this list. You can use the comments box below to make any suggestions.

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