12 Online Sandbox Tools to Check your Code Snippets

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When you need to debug, experiment with, and share short code snippets, sandboxing tools are immensely useful. Also as a web developer, having a place to quickly test code can be extremely handy.

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This article covers some of the best free code sandbox tools for testing, debugging and/or sharing your code.

1. PractiCode

practicode - website to check code snippets

The PractiCode online code editor is a supplementary tool for Landofcode.com's educational web design materials. This online tool can render HTML, CSS and VBScript.

2. Google Code Playground

google code playground - website to check code snippets

Google Code Playground is a sandbox tool that gives you the ability to test and experiment with Google's awesome APIs.

3. Ideone

Ideone is something more than a pastebin; it's an online compiler and debugging tool which allowsto compile and run code online in more than 40 programming languages.

ideone - website to check code snippets

4. JS Bin

js bin - website to check code snippets

This open source sandbox tool by developer Remy Sharp is an excellent JavaScript/HTML code-testing tool. It has the option for live/real-time preview and the ability to reference (include) popular open source libraries like jQuery , MooTools , YUI and Modernizr.

5. Tryit Editor Instant

tryit editor instant - website to check code snippets

This free and no-frills tool allows you to rapidly test your HTML markup. It auto-updates the preview pane whenever you change something in the coding pane. It doesn't have any saving and collaboration features, so this one is more of a personal tool.

6. JavaScript Sandbox

javascript sandbox - website to check code snippets

JavaScript Sandbox is a very austere tool when pitted against the other web-based tools already mentioned such as Tinkerbin and JS Bin. However, to some, its uncomplicated nature may just be the thing that's most attractive about this tool.

7. Pastebin.Me

pastebin.me - website to check code snippets

Pastebin.me is a simple and clutter-free HTML/JS open source sandbox tool. The code pane flexibly resizes depending on your browser's viewport, which is especially awesome when you're using a widescreen monitor. It has three useful templates: HTML, JavaScript and jQuery, for instantly auto-populating the code pane with default HTML tags.

8. CSSDesk

cssdesk - website to check code snippets

This online CSS/HTML sandbox tool is a slick way of testing snippets of your style sheet and markup with support for changing the background of the preview pane. You can also maximize the screen viewing size of the preview pane by hiding the HTML and CSS code panes.

9. Tinkerbin

tinkerbin - website to check code snippets

Tinkerbin is a relatively new code playground that can run HTML, CSS and JavaScript, as well as CSS and JavaScript abstraction languages/metalanguages like SASS and CoffeeScript. The auto-updating preview pane is a nice feature that displays your work as you're coding.

10. JS Fiddle

js fiddle - website to check code snippets

JS Fiddle is a free sandbox tool for HTML, CSS and JS that has a wonderful set of features, like the ability to reference popular JS libraries/frameworks like jQuery, YUI and MooTools and an Ajax-request-testing functionality for simulating asynchronous calls for your code.

11. Jsdo.It

jsdo.it - website to check code snippets

Jsdo.It has a slick interface, an auto-updating preview pane and the ability to include open source JS libraries. One unique feature is the "Smart phone preview" command that opens a new browser window with the viewport sized equivalently to mobile phones.

12. Codepad

codepad - website to check code snippets

Codepad is an online compiler/interpreter, and a simple collaboration tool.

You are most welcome to suggest any additions to this list. You can use the comments box below to make any suggestions.

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