28 Scary Halloween Brushes for Photoshop

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Halloween is just around the corner and it is time for filling up the toolbox with some design resources for creating scary and horrifying effects.

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This article is covering lots of cool Photoshop Halloween brushes that you can use for adding blood, skulls, spider webs, bats, scary pumpkins and more to your design works to celebrate the season.

1. Realistic Blood – Set 2

realistic blood – set 2

This set is composed by words written in Blood what gives a scary and macabre atmosphere to it. You will find more than 10 big brushes in this collection.

2. Dark Wings Brushes

dark wings brushes

18 dark wings brushes for Photoshop.

3. Spider Brushes by Dollieflesh-Stock

spider brushes by dollieflesh-stock

A number of spider Photoshop brushes for your Halloween artworks.

4. Photoshop Halloween Brushes

photoshop halloween brushes

A set of 10 brushes for Halloween.

5. Jack O Lantern Brushes

jack o lantern brushes

A set of 14 Jack-O-Lantern Brushes to add a little Halloween to your works.

6. Halloween Brushes by TD-Brushes

halloween brushes by td-brushes

An assortment of Halloween elements for Photoshop.

7. Spiderz Brushes

spiderz brushes

11 spiders and 2 spiderwebs created with Photoshop 7.

8. Eerie Pack

eerie pack

13 brushes made in Photoshop Elements 2 but works in PS7 and up as well.

9. Skull-Brush-Set


13 Photoshop brushes consisting of skulls.

10. Cobwebs Photoshop Brushes

cobwebs photoshop brushes

A set of 30 brushes made up of various shapes of cobwebs. Includes a few spiders as well as a set of 4 “corner” web brushes that would make a great border, of sorts.

11. Halloween Brushes

halloween brushes

An awesome set of brushes consisting of a cobweb, skulls, spiders and more.

12. Halloween Brush Pack by AJK-Original-Stock

halloween brush pack by ajk-original-stock

An assortment of Halloween design elements for Photoshop.

13. Halloween Cat'S Brush

Halloween Cat'S Brush

Ominous cat brushes for a haunting Halloween experience.

14. Bloody Tears – PS7 Brushes

bloody tears – ps7 brushes

A collection of 16 brushes that you can use to create realistic bloody tears and blood drips.

15. Enchanted Photoshop Brushes

enchanted photoshop brushes

Enchanted Photoshop brushes perfect for Halloween.

16. 10 Spider Web Brushes by Killa-Cary

10 spider web brushes by killa-cary

10 webbed brushes to detail your design.

17. Photoshop Brushes Skeletons by Ars Grafik

photoshop brushes skeletons by ars grafik

A set of 10 hi-res skeleton Photoshop brushes made up of sketches by some of the author's favorite classical artists.

18. Halloween Vectors Brushes

halloween vectors brushes

A set of Photoshop & GIMP brushes composed of various Halloween images, as vectors. These are all high resolution, with the average size being about 2000 pixels.

19. MDS Halloween PS Brushes by MorfineDoll-Stock

mds halloween ps brushes by morfinedoll-stock

A set of 20 brushes made from scratch in PS.

20. Grim Reaper Brushes

grim reaper brushes

Seven figures of Grim Reaper. High resolution of around 1700 pixels each.

21. Halloween Border Brushes

halloween border brushes

This is a set of 8 hi res (2500 pxl) Halloween border brushes.

22. Creepy Brushes

creepy brushes

Some creepy brushes, skulls, skeletons, bats, etc.

23. Halloween 2006 Brush Pack

halloween 2006 brush pack

19 silhouette brushes of Halloween-esque things.

24. Free Halloween Photoshop Brushes

free halloween photoshop brushes

Some really cute Halloween Brushes for you.

25. Spoooky Brushes by ScrappinCop

spoooky brushes by scrappincop

A set of Halloween brushes created in CS3 using Spoooky dingbat font.

26. Brushes – Jack Skellington Set

brushes – jack skellington set

8 brushes of Jack Skellington, from Nightmare Before Christmas.

27. Uh Oh Accident, Splatter Brush Pack

uh oh accident, splatter brush pack

Some splatter brushes for your gruesome, gross, or just messy work. Composed of 14 brushes in a set.

28. Blood and Ink Brushset 1

blood and ink brushset 1

High quality ink and blood brushes for a chilling effect on your designs.

You are most welcome to suggest any additions to this list. You can use the comments box below to make any suggestions.

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