50 Creative Examples of Negative Space Logos

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Creating a logo design you should consider less is more rule and make your logo as simple as possible and creative enough at the same time. Perfect technique to achieve this effect is to use negative space which can help you to achieve brilliant results. Negative space may be most evident when the space around a subject, and not the subject itself, forms an interesting or artistically relevant shape, and such space is occasionally used to artistic effect as the “real” subject of an image.

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This post is covering about 50 creatively designed negative space logos for inspiration.

Creative Logo Designs

1. Water 10:42

water 10:42

2. Pelican


3. Gravity Custom Web

gravity custom web

4. Illusion


5. Tuzmadár – Firebird

tuzmadár – firebird

6. Eagle Mountain Capital

eagle mountain capital

7. Lab Open

lab open

8. Flight Finder

flight finder

9. Learngolf Logo Design

learngolf logo design

10. Mask


11. LAB


12. Wine Searcher

wine searcher

13. Lgnite


14. North Construction

north construction

15. Explorations


16. Circus Of Magazines

circus of magazines

17. Ed'S Electric

Ed'S Electric

18. Three Nuts General Contractors

three nuts general contractors

19. Newcastle Food &Amp; Wine Festival

newcastle food & wine festival

20. Pencil


21. Paint The City

paint the city

22. City Direct

city direct

23. Endurance Shoes

endurance shoes

24. Hafiz Bacote

hafiz bacote

25. Food Writers

food writers

26. Snooty Peacock

snooty peacock

27. Yoga Australia

yoga australia

28. Hungry Call

hungry call

29. Whitewashers


30. Spartan Golf Club

spartan golf club

31. Royal Clothes

royal clothes

32. Wine Quotations

wine quotations

33. Silk Skin

silk skin

34. Art Peak

art peak

35. Black Cat

black cat

36. Dig


37. Russnast


38. Rockit


39. Storm Foundry

storm foundry

40. Wine Forest

wine forest

41. Elefont


42. VinoPiano


43. Breast Doctor

breast doctor

44. Happy Cat-Fish

happy cat-fish

45. Cloak &Amp; Dagger

cloak dagger

46. Agni Extinguishers

agni extinguishers

47. Foooblr Logo Design

foooblr logo design

48. Gert Van Duinen Aka Cresk

gert van duinen aka cresk

49. My Shirt

my shirt

50. Linha Mountain

linha mountain

You are most welcome to suggest any additions to this list. You can use the comments box below to make any suggestions.

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