50 Excellent Free Fonts for Commercial Use

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Typography and fonts play a major role in web design. Fonts allow you to highlight some elements on a website and to pay the visitor's attention to something or on the contrary to turn it away. It’s always a hard task to find a right font that fits the web project properly. Of course, there are lots of free fonts all over the web, but if you want to sell your work, you need to use free fonts for commercial use, but not for personal use only.

Recommended: Download Free Fonts(in .TTF format)

Check out this great collection of free fonts for commercial use that you can easily add in any of your web product you’re going to sell.

Useful Free Fonts for Commercial Projects

1. Droid Serif

droid serif font

2. SeasideResort

seasideresort font

3. Salaryman

salaryman font

4. Droid Sans

droid sans font

5. Delicious

delicious font

6. Cantarell

cantarell font

7. Code

code font

8. UpperEastSide

uppereastside font

9. Idolwild

idolwild font

10. Daniel

daniel font

11. Qarmic Sans

qarmic sans font

12. Spin Cycle

spin cycle font


disco font

14. Garton

garton font

15. Arizonia

arizonia font

16. Andika Basic

andika basic font

17. Pacifico

pacifico font

18. Goudy Bookletter 1911

goudy bookletter 1911 font

19. St Marie

st marie font

20. Crimson

crimson font

21. Capsuula

capsuula font

22. PT Sans

pt sans font

23. NeoRetroDraw

neoretrodraw font

24. Cartoonist Hand

cartoonist hand font

25. Print Clearly

print clearly font

26. Riesling

riesling font

27. Rabiohead

rabiohead font

28. Anivers

anivers font

29. Molot

molot font

30. FontleroyBrown

fontleroybrown font

31. Journal

journal font

32. Enigmatic

enigmatic font

33. Ostrich Sans

ostrich sans font

34. Shardee

shardee font

35. Mountains Of Christmas

mountains of christmas font

36. Fertigo Pro

fertigo pro font

37. Ubuntu-Title

ubuntu-title font

38. Lobster Two

lobster two font

39. Kingthings Foundation

kingthings foundation font

40. LemonChicken

lemonchicken font

41. Capture It

capture it font

42. Kingthings Wrote

kingthings wrote font

43. CAC Champagne

cac champagne font

44. Sofia

sofia font

45. Flux Architect

flux architect font

46. Walkway

walkway font

47. Architects Daughter

architects daughter font

48. Oswald

oswald font

49. Quicksand

quicksand font

50. Mido

mido font

You are most welcome to suggest any additions to this list. You can use the comments box below to make any suggestions.

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