A Nice Collection of Fish Inspired Free Photoshop Brushes

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Brushes are among the most essential components for Photoshop editing. With Photoshop brushes, you can edit your graphic designs with classy and appealing details that does not require you a considerable amount of time and hard work. Therefore, it is important to obtain the perfect brushes for your web and print masterpieces.

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Fish Inspired Brush Sets for Photoshop

Here is a Collection of Free To Download Fish Brushes for your personal and commercial design projects. Take time to look through this list and you are sure to find sets of fish brushes which are suitable for the designs you are working on right now.

1. Fish Clip Art Photoshop Brushes

A Photoshop brush set consisting 28 high-resolution brushes of different fish clip art images. There are dolphins, sharks and other fish clip art in this set.

28 fish clip art photoshop brushes

2. Goldfish Brushes

Set of about 18 different goldfish brushes. Some are higher resolution than others.

goldfish brushes

3. Different Fish Brushes

A set which includes 116 different fish brushes.

116 different fish brushes

4. PS7 – 42 Fish Brushes

A set which includes 42 fish brushes.

ps7 – 42 fish brushes

5. Fish-Brushes Photoshop

A set which includes 10 brushes and will work in Photoshop CS and above.

fish-brushes photoshop

6. Fish Brushes CS2

A set of fish brushes created by anglelight.

fish brushes cs2

7. Fish Brushes

A set of high resolution fish brushes.

fish brushes

8. Fishes Brushes

A package of brushes for Photoshop with fishes. The package of more than 30 brushes.

fishes brushes

9. Live Fish Food Brushes

Some lovely fish food brushes. Included: Sea monkey (brine shrimp) x2 Daphnia Bloodworm Cyclops Plankton Enjoy!

live fish food brushes

10. Random Fishes Brush Set

There are 11 brushes included in this set.

random fishes brush set

11. Marine Fish Brush Set

A set of fish brushes created by cheekysneeky.

marine fish brush set

12. Saltwater Set 2

A set which includes 17 brushes.

saltwater set 2

13. Fish Brushes No. 1

Download 15 free fish brushes for Photoshop. They're perfect for background images, screenprints, and more!

fish brushes no. 1

14. Koi Carp Brushes

This set consists of ten images (not photographs) of koi fish athar are turned into brushes.

koi carp brushes

15. Goldfish Of China

Brushes from an illustrated French text called "Goldfish of China".

goldfish of china

16. Serenity

5 Serenity Brushes for Adobe Phoshop 7.0+.


17. Carp:::Koi Brushes

A set which includes 9 brushes and was made in Photoshop CS3.

carp:::koi brushes

18. Freshwater Fish

This is a set of brushes of Freshwater fish.

freshwater fish

19. Strange Little Fishies

Strange little fishie wishies from a Zoology text on Marine life published in the 19th Century. Most of them look pretty dead.

strange little fishies

20. Cute Dolphin Brushes

A set of cute dolphin brushes created by mrphotoshopbrushes.

cute dolphin brushes

21. Fish Brushes for PS

A set which contains 19 fish brushes.

fish brushes for ps

22. Fish Brushes

There are 10 brushes included in this set which are made in Photoshop CS3.

fish brushes

23. Ink-Fish

A set which includes 10 fish brushes.


24. Undersea Sillhouette Brushes

A set of brushes consists animals and sea plants.

undersea sillhouette brushes

25. Photoshop Dolphins Brushes

There are 10 dolphins brushes included in this set.

photoshop dolphins brushes

26. Fish

A set of fish brushes created by uranus23.


27. Fish Brushes

There are 7 large brushes included in this set.

fish brushes

28. Into the Blue

There are 27 brushes included in this set.

into the blue

You are most welcome to suggest any additions to this list. You can use the comments box below to make any suggestions.

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