42 Cool LCD Pixel Fonts for Graphic Designers

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Digital fonts are useful for creating artworks and designs with sci-fi, high-tech, modern or futuristic look. Fonts in this category are often inspired from LED displays we see in airports, on billboards and in old school computer interfaces.

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List of Free LED/LCD Digital Fonts

We know that having a library filled with nice fonts is really important, so today we will show you 50 new and beautiful free LED/LCD fonts. Go ahead and visit each font’s website to learn more about the type, designer and also to download them.

1. LL Pixel

ll pixel

2. Display


3. LL Dot

ll dot

4. DS Dots

ds dots

5. The Vandor Spot

the vandor spot

6. High Speed

high speed

7. Dotimatrix 7 Font

dotimatrix 7 font

8. Corrupt Pixel

corrupt pixel

9. Lightman


10. Sam's Town

Sam'S Town

11. ChaserDemo


12. Electronic Highway Sign

electronic highway sign

13. Men in Blue

men in blue

14. JD LED 3

jd led 3

15. Transponder AOE

transponder aoe

16. Digital System

digital system

17. Digitalism


18. the 2K12

the 2k12

19. Bead Chain

bead chain

20. DS Digital

ds digital

21. Computer Font

computer font

22. Letters Laughing Font

letters laughing font

23. Renegade Mistress

renegade mistress

24. LCD Mono

lcd mono

25. 24 LED Grid Font

24 led grid font

26. 24 LED

24 led

27. Clubland


28. LED Display7

led display7

29. Cubs Led

cubs led

30. FourFuncLiberal Font

fourfuncliberal font

31. Chintzy CPU BRK

chintzy cpu brk

32. TPF Display

tpf display

33. LED Board

led board

34. DS Point

ds point

35. WW Digital

ww digital

36. Dotline Font

dotline font

37. Digital Display TFB

digital display tfb

38. Lots Of Dotz

lots of dotz

39. Pocket Calculator Font

pocket calculator font

40. Dots All for Now

dots all for now

41. Neonize


42. Ozone


You are most welcome to suggest any additions to this list. You can use the comments box below to make any suggestions.

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