30 High Quality Free Vector Silhouette Sets

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Modern designers use silhouette to create dramatic effect in many art works because silhouette emphasizes the outline and view of an object. The mystery of silhouette objects create a space for viewers’ imagination.

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In this post you will find a good collection of free vector silhouette in good quality that you can edit in Illustrator to make changes. These silhouette sets include party people, sport, animals, bird, fish and other objects.

Free Silhouette Vector Sets

1. Beach Party Vector

beach party vector

Vector illustration of tropical beach with. Silhouettes of six people celebrating and three palm trees. The sky is orange, some stars are visible.

2. Free Butterfly Silhouette Vector Pack

free butterfly silhouette vector pack

Free Butterfly Silhouette Vector & Photoshop Brush Pack.

3. Free Vector Of Family Silhouettes

free vector of family silhouettes

Download this free vector file of a group of silhouettes of families. Free for commercial use.

4. Bird Collection

bird collection

Bird Collection Backgrounds, Silhouettes and more!

5. Fish Silhouettes Vector

fish silhouettes vector

Fish silhouettes free vector.

6. Vector Cameo Silhouettes

vector cameo silhouettes

Vector cameo silhouettes fro free download.

7. Vector Pole Dance Silhouette

vector pole dance silhouette

Vector Pole Dance Silhouette and more for free download!

8. Airplane Ssilhouettes Free Vector

airplane ssilhouettes free vector

Airplane silhouettes free vector.

9. 41 Animal Vector Silhouettes

41 animal vector silhouettes

This pack also includes the african animals plus 21 new. In total, there are 41 vectors! Most of them are mammals.

10. Live Music Vector Silhouettes

live music vector silhouettes

Live Music Vector Silhouettes and more!

11. Sexy Girls Silhouette

sexy girls silhouette

File format .eps - compatible for Illustrator 8 and higher.

12. Aerobic Art Dancer Vector Silhouettes

aerobic art dancer vector silhouettes

Aerobic Art Dancer Vector Silhouettes and more for free download!

13. Silhouettes Ii

silhouettes ii

This pack includes 8 silhouettes in .ai and .svg file formats.

14. Business Elements

business elements

Grey business design elements collection. Black vector silhouettes of businessmen combined with other illustrative elements. 13 different pictures in this free to download package. Great for various business related designs.

15. Retro Background Designs

retro background designs

Retro Background with Men Silhouettes.

16. Animal Silhouettes

animal silhouettes

88 Free vector animal silhouettes.

17. 12 Bicycle Silhouette Vectors

12 bicycle silhouette vectors

Set containing 12 free bicycle silhouette vectors including racing bikes, BMX, tandem and bike symbols. Free for personal & commercial use.

18. Business Presentation

business presentation

19. Fashion Silhouettes

fashion silhouettes

Fashion Silhouettes and more!

20. Sports Silhouettes

sports silhouettes

Sports Silhouettes and more!

21. Silhouette Of Beautiful Girls

silhouette of beautiful girls

Silhouette Of Beautiful Girls and more!

22. Breakdance Silhouettes

breakdance silhouettes

Breakdance Backgrounds vectors, Silhouettes and more!

23. Oriental Vector

oriental vector

10 vector silhouette figures of traditional oriental people.

24. Sexy Girl Silhouettes Vector

sexy girl silhouettes vector

Sexy Girl Silhouettes with Striped Background.

25. Dancing Girl Silhouettes

dancing girl silhouettes

Dancing Girl Silhouettes with Striped Background.

26. People Jumping

people jumping

Great collection of silhouettes of people jumping up in the air. Both men and women silhouettes are in this file - 15 high quality jumping people in total.

27. Digging Silhouettes

digging silhouettes

Vector silhouettes of construction men digging.

28. People Silhouettes

people silhouettes

People silhouettes for Free to use.

29. Bird Silhouette Free Pack

bird silhouette free pack

Bird Silhouette free pack vector and brushes.

30. Stylish People Silhouettes Free Vector

stylish people silhouettes free vector

People silhouettes free vector.

You are most welcome to suggest any additions to this list. You can use the comments box below to make any suggestions.

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