42 Free Chalk Fonts to Brighten your Designs

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Experimenting and exploring new typefaces will give you more design opportunities. Customizing your design with unique typography will not only give you that fresh look but giving your design a personal touch. Chalkboard Fonts are great for creating typography with an authentic hand-written style. This kind of fonts are useful for making back to school designs and anything with elements of leaning, teaching and training.

This collection features 40+ amazing chalkboard fonts you can download for free and we hope will surely be helpful in your design works. These are fonts which look like it was written with a chalk on a blackboard i.e. the chalk fonts. Please don't forget to go through the license terms before using these fonts as some of them are free to use both for personal and commercial while some are for personal use only.

Free Chalkboard Fonts to Download

1. Scrawler

scrawler font

2. Chalkboard by Marta Van Eck

chalkboard by marta van eck font

3. Eraser

eraser font

4. I'm Weird

I'M Weird font

5. Whatever It Takes Font

whatever it takes font font

6. Change Tomorrow Today

change tomorrow today font

7. Blockography

blockography font

8. Varsity Playbook

varsity playbook font

9. Colored Crayons

colored crayons font

10. Vtks Animal 2

vtks animal 2 font

11. Kg Makes You Stronger Font

kg makes you stronger font font

12. Squeaky Chalk Sound

squeaky chalk sound font

13. Dk Crayon Crumble

dk crayon crumble font

14. Chalk-Hand-Lettering-Shaded_dem Font

chalk-hand-lettering-shaded_dem font font

15. Drawing Guides

drawing guides font

16. Squeaky Chalk Sound Font

squeaky chalk sound font font

17. Grutch Shaded

grutch shaded font

18. Pencilpete

pencilpete font

19. Square Chalk

square chalk font

20. Vtcallskratchedupone Font

vtcallskratchedupone font font

21. Armychalk Font

armychalk font font

22. Rayando

rayando font

23. Kg Chasing Pavements Font

kg chasing pavements font font

24. Rob Graves Font

rob graves font font

25. Rudiment

rudiment font

26. Rudiment Font

rudiment font font

27. Blzee Font

blzee font font

28. Kg Ten Thousand Reasons

kg ten thousand reasons font

29. Old Bookshop

old bookshop font

30. Mskitokilla Font

mskitokilla font font

31. Smudgie Crayon

smudgie crayon font

32. Angry Chalk

angry chalk font

33. Pw Chalk

pw chalk font

34. Crimes Times Six

crimes times six font

35. Cf Marie Eve

cf marie eve font

36. Chalk Paint

chalk paint font

37. Tafelschrift Font

tafelschrift font font

38. Chalk Line Outline Font

chalk line outline font font

39. Chalkpat

chalkpat font

40. Geometricpetras

geometricpetras font

41. Clouds of Despair Lsf Font

clouds of despair lsf font font

42. Kr Rachel's Chalkboard Font

KR Rachel'S Chalkboard Font font

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