62 Excellent Hand Drawn Photoshop Brush Sets

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Having a good collection of Photoshop brushes is essential for any designer. he demand for high-quality brushes for Photoshop is growing day by day. Designers need brushes for various web projects and photography post-processing. There is certainly no shortage of Photoshop brushes on the Web these days. The problem with Photoshop brushes isn’t in finding brushes, but in finding quality brushes.

Below you'll find a collection of 60+ high quality brushes that every designer should find handy and help them creating their own hand drawn designs.

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Collection of Useful Photoshop Brushes

1. 78 Hand-Made Photoshop Brushes

78 high quality hand-made brushes (resolution up to 2500px) for Adobe Photoshop. Pack is compatible with Photoshop 7 and newer versions. It is a collection for modern, artistic designs with various painted scrawls, grungy style & other artistic graphic projects.

78 hand-made photoshop brushes

2. PS Brushes: Hand Drawn Feather

A nice set of 7 brushes.

PS brushes: hand drawn feather

3. Stars Brushes

There are more than enough star brushes on here but these work in PS7 and above

stars brushes

4. Love Brushes

72 brushes for Photoshop.

72 brushes for Photoshop.

love brushes

5. Twizzles Hires – PS Brushes

Twizzles -A set of 16 High Resolution Photoshop Brushes (300ppi) -Created in Photoshop CS2.

twizzles hires – PS brushes

6. Sfw Brushes V1

Hand drawn Stick Figure War brushes! The 349 different brushes are divided into 10 thematic brush files and allow for a lot of different interaction.

sfw brushes v1

7. Makeup + Face Sketches Brushes

A set of Photoshop brushes made up of sketches of bottles and tubes of various types of makeup. Also includes various facial elements (eyes, nose, liPS), and makeup to go on them.

makeup + face sketches brushes

8. Swirlseto1

These are old-ish, but the abstract swirls are hand-drawn and traced in Photoshop.


9. Hand Drawn Rose Brushes

A set of hand drawn rose brushes.

hand drawn rose brushes

10. School Dayz Sketches Brushes

A set of Photoshop brushes made up of sketches of school themed items. These were all drawn by hand!

school dayz sketches brushes

11. Floral Ornament Brushes

These are 10 hand-drawn floral brushes for PS 0.7 and higher

floral ornament brushes

12. Arrow Doodle Brushes

Set includes 32 arrow doodle brushes. They were created in Photoshop version 7.0

arrow doodle brushes

13. Spiderweb Brushes

5 separate brushes/stamPS.

spiderweb brushes

14. Photoshop Pencil Brush

Here's a tasty and stylish pencil brush for all your photoshop sketching needs! Have nearly all the deliciousness of real pencil on paper.

photoshop pencil brush

15. Brushset 47 – Handmadedoodles2

For Photoshop 7 and above. Image pack included, in case you have a previous PS version and these brushes don't work for you or if you use a different software.

brushset 47 – handmadedoodles2

16. Photoshop Brushes- Hearts

23 or 24 heart brushes. All drawn by hand with an ink pen and the help of stencils.

photoshop brushes- hearts

17. Wyndsong Tat Designs

PhotoShop 6 brushes……various hand drawn designs with a tattoo theme.

wyndsong tat designs

18. Stencil Word Brushes

Set includes 20 stencil word brushes. They were created in Photoshop version 7.0

stencil word brushes

19. 12 Arrow Brushes – PS7 and CS3

A brush pack of 12 hand drawn arrows (made specifically for PS7).

12 arrow brushes – PS7 and cs3

20. Mountain and Tree Brushes

Hand-drawn mountain and tree brushes for maPS.

mountain and tree brushes

21. Sketchy Arrow Brushes

28 sketchy arrow brushes. Made with Photoshop CS2

sketchy arrow brushes

22. Brushes 02 :: Whirls

Another set of brushes, hand drawn swirls and things. Made for Photoshop 7.0

brushes 02 :: whirls

23. Brush Set 42 – Swirlyscribbles

For Photoshop 7 and above. Image pack included.

brush set 42 – swirlyscribbles

24. Hand Drawn Dango Brushes

Hand drawn Dango Daikazoku! 18 high resolution brushes [2500px] in 1 .abr file.

hand drawn dango brushes

25. Photoshop Brushes

There's 87 of them. obviously, not all of them are shown in the preview image.

photoshop brushes

26. Sweet Shop Sweet Brushes

Hand drawn (minus one) brushes to use for patterns, or whatever you want.

sweet shop sweet brushes

27. Misc Items Photoshop Brushes

PS brush set of mucis items.

misc items photoshop brushes

28. .15 Drawn Flower Brushes

Free hand drawn flower brushes.

.15 drawn flower brushes

29. Handmade Halos 2 Brush Set

Another set of halo brushes! This is a PhotoShop 8 brush set with 8 large-scale brushes.

handmade halos 2 brush set

30. Hand Drawn Hearts S2 by Ling

A set of hand drawn hearts Photoshop brushes.

hand drawn hearts s2 by ling

31. Hand Drawn Hearts 2

A set of 51 hearts hand drawn.

hand drawn hearts 2

32. Hand Drawn Patterns 3

Third Photoshop Brush set, High resolution. Made it in CS3.

hand drawn patterns 3

33. And Its Flowers – Brushes

Hand drawn flower brushes.

and its flowers – brushes

34. Flora Sketches: Photoshop Brush Pack

Free flower, nature-inspired Photoshop brushes of 10 styles. They are perfect for accenting your design projects with a touch of sketch-style flowery elements.

flora sketches: photoshop brush pack

35. Cute Faces

Make your photos look cuter with these hand drawn cute faces! This Photoshop brush set contains 101 emotional faces that can be used to add drama to pictures of food or anything you like.

cute faces

36. Stick Men Brushes

Six brushes, work on PS7 and above

stick men brushes

37. Doodled Trees

This is a set of cool hand drawn trees.

doodled trees

38. Map Symbols

There are MANY MANY brushes in this set, (more than 30) including many mountains, rivers, city markers, a compass, and the symbols for marsh, prairie, forests, hills, farmland and so forth.

map symbols

39. Free Photoshop Brushes: Doodles Part 1

This set contains 40 brushes created in Photoshop 7.0.

free photoshop brushes: doodles part 1

40. Scale Brush Pack 1

The brushes that emphasize the middle scale, to try and show a bit of curvature underneath the scales.

scale brush pack 1

41. Urban Scrawl Photoshop Brushes

A set of 29 brushes.

urban scrawl photoshop brushes

42. Travel Sketches Brushes

A set of Photoshop brushes made up of sketches of travel themed elements. These were all drawn by hand! They are high resolution, with the average size being about 2100 pixels.

travel sketches brushes

43. Hand Drawn Swirl Brush

This is 2 set of brush. It's hand drawn swirl brush.

hand drawn swirl brush

44. Handmade Halos Brush Set

This is a set of 8 brushes. All halos were hand-drawn with ink.

handmade halos brush set

45. Brush Set 48 – Plant Things

Some more doodles for Photoshop 7 and above. Image pack included, in case you have a previous PS version and these brushes don't work for you or if you use a different software.

brush set 48 – plant things

46. Skys Random Brush Pack

These brushes where made with photoshop CS3

skys random brush pack

47. Brush Set 45 – Handmadedoodles

For Photoshop 7 and above. Image pack included, in case you have a previous PS version and these brushes don't work for you or if you use a different software.

brush set 45 – handmadedoodles

48. Flower Doodle Brushes

FLOWER DOODLE PHOTOSHOP BRUSHES - This is a sample set that includes 4 brushes for you to download and use freely.

flower doodle brushes

49. Hand Drawn Flower Brushes

All these flowers were drawn by hand.

hand drawn flower brushes

50. Star Brushes

star brushes

51. 90 Hand Drawn Arrow and Symbol Photoshop Brushes

A set of 90 hand drawn arrow and symbol Photoshop brushes. These come handy when you want to add call to action arrows or a little creative touch to your designs. Nice set to add to your brushes library!

90 hand drawn arrow and symbol photoshop brushes

52. Scribbled Heart Brushes – PS

Made with Photoshop CS3. Obviously, Photoshop Only.

scribbled heart brushes – PS

53. Hand Drawn Tree

A tree drew in ArtRage.

hand drawn tree

54. Hand-Drawn Runes Brush Pack

Used the runes that ~Elabeth had drawn and made them into a photoshop brush pack. They are hand-drawn so they look rough – that is how they are supposed to look!

hand-drawn runes brush pack

55. Gurlys Borders

6 Borders for PS5.0 and up hand drawn and made in to brushes for your use. All 4 corners included in the pack.

gurlys borders

56. Tribal Heart Brushes

A set of great tattoo designs.

tribal heart brushes

57. Random Da Vinci Sketches

Random Da Vinci sketches. 13 brushes. PS7+.

random da vinci sketches

58. Flower Sketches Brushes

A set of Photoshop and GIMP brushes composed of various flower sketches.

flower sketches brushes

59. Sketchbook Scribble Brushes

A new set of brushes.. this time with an elephant. Added a few hearts in for good measure, as its valentines day. 22 brushes made in photoshop CS.

sketchbook scribble brushes

60. Hand-Drawn Abstract Sketches: Photoshop Brush Pack

Hand-drawn 20 abstract sketches Photoshop brushes.

hand-drawn abstract sketches: photoshop brush pack

61. Beach Sketches Brushes

A set of Photoshop brushes made up of sketches of beach themed elements.

beach sketches brushes

62. PS – Curly Hair Brushes

A high resolution brush set of curly hairs.

PS – curly hair brushes

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