42 Free Typewriter Fonts for Designers

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In the world of typography design, it is always good to sometimes take a look back in history and add some old effect in terms of type in your next design projects. Typewriter fonts are also a popular choice to incorporate into retro designs and are used in plenty of designs and posters to give a vintage touch.

Today we have compiled some of the 40+ most creative typewriter fonts available for free download and to help you in finding the right one for your old type design themes. Also, you can use these fonts to make your vintage and grunge artwork look more authentic and acceptable.

Vintage Style Typewriter Fonts

1. Erica Type

erica type

2. Olivetti Type2

olivetti type2

3. Small Typewriting Medium

small typewriting medium

4. U Know Jack

u know jack

5. 1942 Report

1942 report

6. Couriertxt


7. Sloppy Ink

sloppy ink

8. Ghostwriter


9. Trixie Extra

trixie extra

10. Remington Noiseless

remington noiseless

11. Veteran Typewriter

veteran typewriter

12. Typewriter Oldstyle

typewriter oldstyle

13. Remagg


14. Aa Typewriter

aa typewriter

15. Old Typewriter

old typewriter

16. VT Portable Remington

vt portable remington

17. Old Newspaper Types

old newspaper types

18. Type Right

type right

19. Type Wheel

type wheel

20. Usis 1949

usis 1949

21. Underwood 1913 Normal

underwood 1913 normal

22. Harting Plain

harting plain

23. Another Typewriter

another typewriter

24. My Old Remington

my old remington

25. Misprinted Type

misprinted type

26. Ucznik 1303

ucznik 1303

27. Maszynaaeg


28. Letter At Rentadue Translit

letter at rentadue translit

29. Smithyxt Regular

smithyxt regular

30. Powderfinger Smudged

powderfinger smudged

31. L.C. Smith 5 Typewriter

l.c. smith 5 typewriter

32. Smithyxt Faded

smithyxt faded

33. Skull Typewr00

skull typewr00

34. Draconian Typewriter

draconian typewriter

35. Foxscript Normal

foxscript normal

36. Metalic Avacodo

metalic avacodo

37. Carbontype


38. Smithyxy Veryheavy

smithyxy veryheavy

39. Ieicester Text

ieicester text

40. Spotlight Typewriter

spotlight typewriter

41. Atlas Of the Magi

atlas of the magi

42. JM Letter

jm letter

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