90+ Incredible Sets of Top Quality Free Flat Icons

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Like fashion, designs are changing day to day, and today's awesome designs focus on simplicity and flat designs rather than complex gradients and all. Flat icons are a new trend in designing UI, and they are perfect if you are looking for a good and minimalist design to capture your visitor's attention.

Recommended: Download Free Icons(100,000+ icons in .png and .ico format)

There are plenty of fantastic flat design resources available online and here is a list of well-designed flat icons that are free to use. If there any flat design icon sets that you would recommend or like to share, please let us know in the comments below.

Beautiful Flat Design Icon Sets

1. iPhone Freebie Flat Icons

iphone freebie flat icons

2. Long Shadow Flat Free Social Media Icons 2013

long shadow flat free social media icons 2013

3. Hex Icons Pack

hex icons pack

4. Icons Free PSD

icons free psd

5. Metro UI Icons

metro ui icons

6. Flat Icons Freebie

flat icons freebie

7. Flat Icon Set - Stafie Anatolie

flat icon set - stafie anatolie

8. Social Icon Set - Stafie Anatolie

social icon set - stafie anatolie

9. Flat Icons - Dan Vineyard

flat icons - dan vineyard

10. Minicons: 210 Free Minimal Flat Vector Icons

minicons: 210 free minimal flat vector icons

11. Flat Polygon Icons

flat polygon icons

12. 44 Shades of Free Flat Icons

44 shades of free flat icons

13. 48 Flat Icons

48 flat icons

14. 30 Modern Long Shadow Icons

30 modern long shadow icons

15. Light Android Icons Set

light android icons set

16. MMII Flat Icons Vol.2

mmii flat icons vol.2

17. 35 Simple Free Icons

35 simple free icons

18. Gmarellile Free 150 Flat Icons Collection

gmarellile free 150 flat icons collection

19. Free Retina Flat Icons

free retina flat icons

20. Flat PSD - Flat Icons - Alberto Valentin

flat psd - flat icons - alberto valentin

21. Flat Credit Cards

flat credit cards

22. Monitor Devices Flat PSD Icons

monitor devices flat psd icons

23. 24 Flat Icons (PSD)

24 flat icons (psd)

24. Mmii Flat Icons Vol.1

mmii flat icons vol.1

25. Free Vector Category Flat Icons

free vector category flat icons

26. Free Flat Icons - Nikki Hampson

free flat icons - nikki hampson

27. 12 Flat Colorful Icons

12 flat colorful icons

28. 14 Flat Apple Device Product Icons Set

14 flat apple device product icons set

29. Free Flat Files Icons

free flat files icons

30. Eldorado Mini Free Icons

eldorado mini free icons

31. 15 Free Flat Ballicons

15 free flat ballicons

32. Flat Icons - Othmane Machrouh

flat icons - othmane machrouh

33. Flat Vector Icons - Jared Kennedy

flat vector icons - jared kennedy

34. Flat Icons (PSD) - 3 Dribbble Invites

flat icons (psd) - 3 dribbble invites

35. Flat Social Icons - Thiago Marques

flat social icons - thiago marques

36. Gmarellile Free Flat Icons Vol2.0 for Free

gmarellile free flat icons vol2.0 for free

37. Font Awesome

font awesome

38. Flatties


39. Free Download: 12 Flat Seo Icons

free download: 12 flat seo icons

40. 24 Free Clothes Icons

24 free clothes icons

41. Free Flat Icon Set - Barry Mccalvey

free flat icon set - barry mccalvey

42. 21 Ios7 Icon Concepts Vol.1 (PSD and Png)

21 ios7 icon concepts vol.1 (psd and png)

43. Vectory Mini Free Icons

vectory mini free icons

44. 48 Flat Designer Icons

48 flat designer icons

45. Google Jfk Icons - Ico and Png

google jfk icons - ico and png

46. Free Web Icon

free web icon

47. 30 Flat Shopping Icons

30 flat shopping icons

48. 16 Flat Design Icons Set Vol4

16 flat design icons set vol4

49. My Desktop Icons - Free Download

my desktop icons - free download

50. Free Flat Social Media Icons

free flat social media icons

51. 16 Flat Design Icons Set Vol2

16 flat design icons set vol2

52. Free Flat Icons [Included .PSD]

free flat icons [included .psd]

53. 16 Flat Design Icons Set Vol1

16 flat design icons set vol1

54. Free Flat Adobe Icon Set

free flat adobe icon set

55. Flat Social Icons - Jorge Calvo

flat social icons - jorge calvo

56. Vecico Free Flat Vector Icons

vecico free flat vector icons

57. Free Social Media Icons - Allan Mcavoy

free social media icons - allan mcavoy

58. 90 Flat Social Icons

90 flat social icons

59. 48 Free Flat Line Icons for Web and Ui Designs

48 free flat line icons for web and ui designs

60. Dripicons


61. Stroke Line Icons

stroke line icons

62. Big Flat Icons (.Sketch)

big flat icons (.sketch)

63. Flat Icons Freebie - Seevi Kargwal

flat icons freebie - seevi kargwal

64. 40+ Meteocons

40+ meteocons

65. 20 Flat Icons (PSD)

20 flat icons (psd)

66. Flat Icons - Mike Clarke

flat icons - mike clarke

67. Pure CSS3 Responsive Free Social Media Flat Icons

pure css3 responsive free social media flat icons

68. Ios 7 Style Icons of Social Media Free PSD

ios 7 style icons of social media free psd

69. Publicons


70. Flat Circle Icons Pack - Martin Knize

flat circle icons pack - martin knize

71. Circle Icons Pack Add- on 2

circle icons pack add- on 2

72. Flat Icons Brownie Theme

flat icons brownie theme

73. Flat Icons: More Than 3600 Icons

flat icons: more than 3600 icons

74. Flat Icons (PSD) #2

flat icons (psd) #2

75. Flat Program Icons - Alexander Schultz

flat program icons - alexander schultz

76. 47 Free Flat Icons

47 free flat icons

77. Flat Custom Cs Icons

flat custom cs icons

78. 20 Free Flat Icons

20 free flat icons

79. Free Flat Vector Icons

free flat vector icons

80. Circle Flat Icons

circle flat icons

81. Flat Ui

flat ui

82. 10 Basic Flat Icons

10 basic flat icons

83. 50 Flat Icons Pack

50 flat icons pack

84. PSD Flat Social Icons

psd flat social icons

85. Free Flat Random Free Icons

free flat random free icons

86. Cosmo Mini Icons

cosmo mini icons

87. 195 Flat Flag Icons

195 flat flag icons

88. 50 Glyphs Flat Icon [PSD]

50 glyphs flat icon [psd]

89. Flat Designed Apple Device Icons

flat designed apple device icons

90. Plex Icon Set

plex icon set

91. Summercons


92. Flat File Icons

flat file icons

93. Stylicons


94. 16 Free Flat Program Icons

16 free flat program icons

95. Glyph Icons

glyph icons

96. Free Flat Ms Office File Icons

free flat ms office file icons

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