60+ Awesome and Fun CSS3 Tutorials for Web Designers

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Using CSS3 proficiently makes designing a lot more fun. With a good command of CSS3, you can create beautiful designs with great efficiency and ease. There are hundreds of tutorials out there to teach designers how to use it, but unfortunately a lot of them cover the same ground. And some of the tutorials teach designers to do things that they might not think of as useful, though the techniques can usually be adapted to fit a project perfectly.

Below are about 60+ awesome and fun CSS3 tutorials that are extremely helpful, not only for the professionals, but also for the beginners.

Useful CSS3 Tutorials and Techniques

1. Smooth Diagonal Fade Gallery With CSS3 Transitions

smooth diagonal fade gallery with css3 transitions

2. How To Create a Beautiful Icon With CSS3

how to create a beautiful icon with css3

3. Create a Sticky Note Effect With CSS3 and HTML5

create a sticky note effect with css3 and html5

4. Create Fluid Layouts With CSS3 and HTML5

create fluid layouts with css3 and html5

5. Building CSS3 Notification Boxes With Fade Animations

building css3 notification boxes with fade animations

6. More Efficient CSS3 Transitions

more efficient css3 transitions

7. Growing Thumbnails Portfolio

growing thumbnails portfolio

8. Responsive CSS Timeline With 3D Effect

responsive css timeline with 3d effect

9. Using Custom Data Attributes and Pseudo-Elements

using custom data attributes and pseudo-elements

10. 3D Flipping Circle With CSS3 and jQuery

3d flipping circle with css3 and jquery

11. An Introduction To the CSS Flexbox Module

an introduction to the css flexbox module

12. How To Customize Your CSS Buttons With Pictogram Icons

how to customize your css buttons with pictogram icons

13. Build the Android Robot With CSS

build the android robot with css

14. Animated CSS3 Photo Stack

animated css3 photo stack

15. 3D Thumbnail Hover Effects

3d thumbnail hover effects

16. Animated Content Tabs With CSS3

animated content tabs with css3

17. Make CSS Tardis

make css tardis

18. Create 3D Ribbons Only Using CSS3

create 3d ribbons only using css3

19. Creating An Animated 3D Bouncing Ball With CSS3

creating an animated 3d bouncing ball with css3

20. Fullscreen Slit Slider With jQuery and CSS3

fullscreen slit slider with jquery and css3

21. Web Design: Hide / Show Notification Bar With CSS3

web design: hide / show notification bar with css3

22. How To Create a Trendy Flat Style Nav Menu in CSS

how to create a trendy flat style nav menu in css

23. Swishy CSS3 Navigation

swishy css3 navigation

24. Justified and Vertically Centered Header Elements

justified and vertically centered header elements

25. Fluid CSS3 Slideshow With Paralax Effect

fluid css3 slideshow with paralax effect

26. Annotation Overlay Effect With CSS3

annotation overlay effect with css3

27. Creating a Php and CSS3 Powered About Page

creating a php and css3 powered about page

28. Modern Lightbox With CSS3 and JavaScript

modern lightbox with css3 and javascript

29. Simple Youtube Menu Effect

simple youtube menu effect

30. Animated 3D Bar Chart With CSS3

animated 3d bar chart with css3

31. Original Hover Effects With CSS3

original hover effects with css3

32. CSS3 With jQuery / Reverse Animation

css3 with jquery / reverse animation

33. CSS3 Dropdown Menu

css3 dropdown menu

34. CSS3 Progress Bars

css3 progress bars

35. Image Accordion With CSS3

image accordion with css3

36. Swatch Book With CSS3 and jQuery

swatch book with css3 and jquery

37. Create An Upload Form Using CSS3, HTML5 and jQuery

create an upload form using css3, html5 and jquery

38. Recreating the Ibm Lotusphere Logo in CSS3

recreating the ibm lotusphere logo in css3

39. Make a Kinetic Typography Video With CSS

make a kinetic typography video with css

40. Button Switches With Checkboxes and CSS3 Fanciness

button switches with checkboxes and css3 fanciness

41. Rotating Words With CSS Animations

rotating words with css animations

42. Master the New CSS Layout Properties

master the new css layout properties

43. How To Code An Expanding HTML5/CSS3 Search Input Field

how to code an expanding html5/css3 search input field

44. CSS-Only Responsive Layout With Smooth Transitions

css-only responsive layout with smooth transitions

45. CSS3 Filters: Altering HTML and Images With Just CSS

css3 filters: altering html and images with just css

46. Responsive Content Navigator With CSS3

responsive content navigator with css3

47. Create Modern CSS3 Hover Effects

create modern css3 hover effects

48. Quickly Build a Swish Teaser Page With CSS3

quickly build a swish teaser page with css3

49. How To Create An Interactive Graph Using CSS3 & jQuery

how to create an interactive graph using css3 & jquery

50. Create a Beautiful Password Strength Meter

create a beautiful password strength meter

51. Mastering CSS3 Multiple Backgrounds

mastering css3 multiple backgrounds

52. Apple-Like Login Form With CSS 3D Transforms

apple-like login form with css 3d transforms

53. A Pure CSS3 Cycling Slideshow

a pure css3 cycling slideshow

54. CSS3 Menu Navigation Effect

css3 menu navigation effect

55. Custom Drop-Down List Styling

custom drop-down list styling

56. Helpful HTML Form Feedback With CSS3 Transitions

helpful html form feedback with css3 transitions

57. Login and Registration Form With HTML5 and CSS3

login and registration form with html5 and css3

58. Making An Impressive Product Showcase With CSS3

making an impressive product showcase with css3

59. The Facebook Loading Animation

the facebook loading animation

60. Create An Video Player With jQuery, HTML5 & CSS3

create an video player with jquery, html5 & css3

61. How To Create Accordion Menu in Pure CSS3

how to create accordion menu in pure css3

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