10 Coolest And Highly Visionary 404 Pages Design Websites Example

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We have talked about home page and contact page, but never talked about error pages like 404 error page. This page is generally hidden by website because when the connection is broken with site, then this 404 error comes up. Quite frankly, no one wants to lose their visitors, while they come at their website. There is a general thinking that we have covered all unexpected information from customers, but actually it is not covered.

Think again! You have an opportunity to discover something new with the help of your creative ideas that can help engage your customers for a long time. You are not a kid, so break the traditional approach and come with modern designing style to build a super cool 404 page. Well! 404 page is just like a hidden world that frustrates & influences visitors to leave the page, but you need to create it attractive & impressive to stay hold customers and desperate to locate the right path again.

There are things come in our mind, while creating this page. One is that we can make it completely functional with relevant information to return back, because this error is reached by the technical reasons only. The second option is - we should use some little creativity with illustrations or images, which desperate people to return back. Previously we have posted blogs on creative 404 pages design websites, but this is the latest collection of highly-visionary websites, those are engaged with creative 404 pages. Here, there is an array of 10 examples:

Creative 404 Page Design Examples


Dribbble - 404 page designs

A blur image is added at this error page. This image seems like a court of basket ball, which is surrounded by the top heighten buildings. This is extremely close to the brand and its products. See how can a blur and very dull image desperates visitors to go back and locate the right path.


CSSChopper - 404 page designs

This is a simple, yet creative approach is implemented at this 404 error page with the help of illustrations and few links. The illustrations clearly convey a message, you are going towards to wrong place, where you can be lost connection. Therefore, you need to go back and locate right URL. For users convenience, the links for "home page" and "contact page" is available with the red highlighted button. Check it out.

Focus Lab

Focus Lab - 404 page designs

A straightforward and simple approach is implement beautifully on this 404 page by "Focus Lab". I like this one because it reflects a brand voice with the help of the few contents and headings. The image influences us to try again with the relevant URL path or go back to the home page of this site.

The Many Faces Of

The Many Faces Of - 404 page designs

This site pokes fun with an image and it is trying to say that "be calm or have patience", when you reach on this page. The little memo faces are really creative, which are embedded with links. This page uses a highlighted red color link for "Home page". It is completely a funny approach to stay calm rather than freak out.


Molome - 404 page designs

Well! this is just like a plain cute image, which is hanging through the thread. This cutie picture obviously shows their graphic skills with fine and visible navigation. The links at the top of page also having navigation, so that visitors can easily see these links and reach at the relevant page, where they want. Cool design of 404 page, which is an extension of the brand.


Bellstrike - 404 page designs

As we all are aware about the thought that illustration is exceptionally more consistent than words and this 404 page lets you know this thing very creatively that you have stumbled upon the wrong place. So, you need to go back as soon as possible or head to the home page.


Illucolor - 404 page designs

An example of very cleaver graphic and it works perfectly on Illucolor's 404 page design. This illustration explains like that you need to get fixed, if your internet connection has broken. I think this image says to click somewhere and refer to the home page. Highly-visual, yet semi-practical idea is attempted via this 404 error page.


Inriality - 404 page designs

I don't know that what this page is trying to tell, but beautifully crafted image is used. Once you click on any portion of this illustration, you will refer to the home page of this site.

The Movie Nerd

The Movie Nerd - 404 page designs

A clever little iteration of "The Movie Nerd" website's logo is used to characterize their 404 page. The broken specks say that your connection has broken up with us.

Gig Masters

Gig Masters - 404 page designs

A magician image with three search bars is used on this page. All the links are outstandingly managed.

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