3 Things To Consider While Migrating Your Store To Magento

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With the advancement of e-commerce solutions, you may find it difficult to keep up with the latest trends. Hence, having an online stores has become a necessity. Still, if you already have an online e-commerce store, it is essential to know whether your customers are happy or not, how to keep your sales at an appropriate level, if the store functions are properly streamlined.

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It is imperative to own a proper e-commerce solution in order to sustain in this cutthroat web world. Sometimes, you may find that your e-commerce store is not functioning up to your expectations. This can be due to its inability to handle huge traffic, degradation of speed, incompatibility with mobile devices and others. This necessitates the need for Magento migration, means shifting the existing e-commerce store to Magento platform, without actually creating the website from the scratch saving a lot of time, extra efforts and money.

A Quick Glimpse Over Advantages Of Migrating Your Site To Magento

  • Magento has a huge community of professional designers and developers to help you fix the bugs or errors quickly. Also, it gives the opportunity to extend your store's functionality with the help of numerous free and premium plug-ins available online.
  • Being an open-source e-commerce platform, it eliminates the cost for software. You just need to bear the customization and design costs that are also affordable.
  • Unlike other online platforms, Magento is specifically built for online e-commerce stores. Catalog management for the categories and products is intensely integrated with Magento and well tested.
  • Magento allows you to build powerful custom reports & analytics to satisfy your customers.
  • Magento can be utilized to manage multiple stores through a single control panel.

Things To Consider Before Shifting Your E-Commerce Store To Magento

What To Migrate

It is not just about shifting some products to Magento. You are going to migrate your entire online store to a new platform that usually includes your order history, customers, web page content and even more. It does not mean migrating the site is troublesome, but a few things require special attention. Along with the products, consider migrating these to Magento: Always shift the product categories & hierarchies, your website's customers, product images and others to Magento e-commerce platform. Your products' web addresses may also need redirecting to the new addresses.

Establish Your Requirements

Be specific in what you need and what your business requirements are. Sometimes, Magento is utilized by customers as a buzzword, they do not have any idea why need to go for it. For instance, Magento's one page checkout is undoubtedly a great tool, but still it does not satisfy every store's needs.

If your existing website is highly-customized, then consult with the professional developer, if the extensions that he is utilizing to replicate the features can work the same as consistency is a key aspect in migration that can prevent loss to your site's turnover.

Analyze the Magento's demonstration version meticulously prior to migrating the store. It is easier to make visual changes in an online store or changing the look of an e-commerce site, using a customized theme. However, it is a bit difficult to make changes to the fundamental processes and requires an experienced hand to accomplish the task efficiently in a cost-effective manner.

How To Choose Appropriate Hosting Platform

Magento, being a robust e-commerce tool, requires a good hosting platform to go with it. Search for reputed Magento hosting companies, determine their website's loading time using an external tool, like Pingdom. This will help you identify the best hosting platform suitable for your online store.


If you need a platform that supports all the advanced technologies with strong developer community and is highly-flexible to handle the business functions to a great extent, then Magento is an ultimate platform that can fulfill all your business needs.

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