Top 4 Online Cloud Storage Service Providers in 2014

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With the emergence of online cloud storage provisions and cloud servers, it has become far much easier than ever to backup all your significant files online. You are now endowed with the flexibility of accessing all your mission-critical data from anywhere across the globe, with an added advantage of knowing that all your significant snapshots, videos, music, files, documents, as well as other programs and data are securely stored and obtainable to you 24X7.

Free online cloud-based storage provision these days is one the services which is being provided by numerous of service providers in the niche marketplace. However, we would say that only the right cloud-based storage providers can endow you with the unique features apart from the seamless storage provision. They offer accessibility, security, integration of applications, and much more. We completely understand that as a layman it would be a bit daunting for you to decide on the best among numerous of service providers.

Through this article, we would like to enlighten you about the top most service providers and what all services that are being offered. This ways it would become far much easier and simpler for you to choose the one that meets all your requirements among all of them.

Here are the top most online cloud storage service providers in 2014 as mentioned below:

Google Drive

Google Drive - Online Cloud Storage Service Providers

Google Drive automatically syncs with the cloud so that everything is unswervingly accessible across all of your devices. In addition, akin to Dropbox, it impeccably unifies with Windows and Mac file systems. But sorry to say that, despite of many assurances made by them, Google Drive still not at all inherently supports Linux. However, it does undeniably support Google's own products and applications, such as Chrome OS, Android, and Apple's iOS.

One more ideal feature of Google Drive is that it allows the end-users to effortlessly share and collaborate on any sort of file, including documents, music, images, and videos. Any kind of content that you create in Google Docs is not counted against your storage proportion.

Speaking about storage, we would say that Google Drive has come forth with 5GB of free storage. Well in case you thinking of having 25GBS of storage space then it will cost you around $2.49 a month and 100GB will cost you around $4.99 a month.


DataBagg is yet another promising name among various other competitors in the market. They have come with cloud-based online storage provisions keeping in mind the day-to-day changing requirements of the businesses. It enables you to save, share, and access files round the clock from anywhere in the world. All you need to do is just to download their application and get started. The unsurpassed features provisions of this product are auto data backup, auto data and file synchronization, stringent security measures (to keep your data safe and secure), global access, and easy and quick file sharing.

On the plus side, DataBagg comes with 5GB of free storage space, offering a much better storage provision than other service providers. If you want 100GB of space, then it will cost you around $7.95 a month, 250GB up to $16.95 and 500GB for $29.95 respectively for personal usage. They do have different plans for small businesses (5TB storage + 5 users will cost around $69.95) and enterprises (Unlimited storage + 10 users will cost around $99.95 a month.


DropBox - Online Cloud Storage Service Providers

Even though, Dropbox has never been the very first service provider that came up with the concept of cloud-based storage service in the market, yet with time it has undeniably gained new heights of popularity. In contrast to many of its contenders, Dropbox basically does not require a web-browser interface. It operates indigenously on almost any personal computer, including Linux computers or many other handheld devices running Android or iOS platforms.

Moreover, it comes with free storage of 2GB only and if you want to increase your storage space you may have to introduce lot many other users to Dropbox. In case you thinking of having more room, then in those cases Dropbox do charge a minimal fee of $9.99 a month or $99 annually for 100GB, and likewise charges for storage space up to 500GB. It has got its own set of woes (particularly in regards to security), but had it not been offering other stellar options people would not have been using it.


SkyDrive - Online Cloud Storage Service Providers

Like most of the cloud services, SkyDrive enables you to save, share, and access files, but generally it has been found that on most of the operating systems, you can use it only through a browser — IE by preference, but it will work with others. However, SkyDrive does work in partnership with Microsoft Office. If you want 20GB more, it will cost you $10 a year, 50GB for $25, and 100GB for $50.

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