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30 Wonderful Free Web Icon Set

Mike Smith | freebies | 14157 |

If you have been looking for glossy, hand-drawn, realistic or textured icons, you have come to the right place. We have compiled a set of 30 wonderful icons from all over the web. You can use them as you please, in your design, your themes or templates.

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Just make sure to read up on the license for each icon set before downloading or using them. Some may have been listed for personal or non commercial use only.

1. Freebie: Incredibly Detailed 3D Icon Set

40 Icons Set - 48x48 - PNG format

Incredibly Detailed 3D Icon Set

2. Adobe Icons

5 Adobe Ps/Ai/Dw/Fw/Fl Icons - 32x32-512x512 - PNG format

Adobe Icons

3. Blue Icons

5 Icons Set - 256x256 - PNG format

Blue Icons

4. Classy Folder Icons

29 Icons Set - (Black, Brown, Blue, Steel, White, Yellow) (16x16, 32x32, 48x48, 128x128, 256x256 and 512x512) - ICO, PNG format

Classy Folder Icons

5. Currency Stock Icons

4 Icons Set - 64x64, 128x128, 512x512px - PNG format

Currency Stock Icons

6. Drinks

8 Icons Set - 32x32-128x128 - PNG format


7. Very Emotional Emoticons

40 Icons Set - 32x32-128x128 - PNG format

8. Fruit Pack

8 Icons Set - 16x16-48x48 - PNG, ICO, ICNS format

Fruit Pack

9. General Vector Icons

8 Icons Set - 32x32 - AI, PNG format

General Vector Icons

10. Gentle Romantic Icons

5 Icons Set - 512x512 - PNG format

Gentle Romantic Icons

11. Gifts Icons Pack 1

3 Icons Set - 64x64-128x128 - ICO, PNG format

Gifts icons pack 1

12. Gifts Icons Pack 2

3 Icons Set - 64x64-128x128 - PNG, ICO, ICNS format

Gifts icons pack 2

13. Ice-Cream Icon Set

6 Icons Set - 64x64-256x256 - PNG, ICO, ICNS format

Ice-Cream icon set

14. Kitchen Icons

34 Icons Set - 128x128 - PNG format

Kitchen Icons

15. Lovely Website Icons Pack 1

8 Icons Set - PNG format

Lovely website icons pack 1

16. Lovely Website Icons Pack 2

8 Icons Set - PNG format

Lovely website icons pack 2

17. Mini Icon Set

22 Icons Set - 16x16-48x48 - ICO, ICNS, iContainer format

Mini Icon Set

18. Near

15 Icons Set - 170x130 - PNG format


19. PixeloPhilia2

44 Icons Set - 32x32 - PNG format


20. Project Icons

165 Icons Set - 32x32-48x48 - PNG, ICO, ICNS format

Project Icons

21. Sinem Final Version

26 Icons Set - 512x512 - PNG, ICNS, iContainer format

Sinem Final Version

22. Social and Web Icons

57 Icons Set - 64x64 - PNG format

Social and Web Icons

23. So Sweet

6 Icons Set - 100x100 - PNG format

So Sweet

24. Sport Balls Set

6 Icons Set - 500x500 - PNG format

Sport balls set

25. Toolbar Icon Set

35 Icons Set - 32x32 - PNG, ICO, ICNS format

Toolbar Icon Set

26. Twitter Icons TweetMyWeb

10 Icons Set - Various Sizes - PNG format

Twitter Icons TweetMyWeb

27. 60+ Detailed Vector Icons

60+ Icons Set - 32x32-256x256 - PNG format

60+ Detailed Vector Icons

28. Icons Pack Web Cartoon

40 Icons Set - 48x48 - PNG format

Icons Pack Web Cartoon

29. WooFunction: 178 Amazing Web Design Icons

178 Icons Set - 32x32 - PNG format

WooFunction 178 Amazing Web Design Icons

30. Creative Wooden Social Networking Icons

12 Icons Set - 16x16-256x256 - PNG format

Creative Wooden Social Networking Icons

You are most welcome to suggest any additions to this list. You can use the comments box below to make any suggestions.

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Mike Smith writes for WebToolHub.com. He loves to golf, cook and explore music in his free time.

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