43 Killer Landing Page Templates

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In online marketing a landing page, sometimes known as a lead capture page, is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on an advertisement. Landing pages are commonly used in online marketing to enhance the effectiveness of advertisements and at the same time increase the sales of the product that is being promoted.

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In this article you will find a great collection of 43 Creative Landing Page Templates that you can use to design your products website. Browse through the collection to decide which one best suits your services or products you offer.

1. Rebirth Landing Page

rebirth landing page

2. Malum Landing Page HTML Template

malum landing page

3. Integro – A Corporate Landing Page

corporate landing page

4. Applander – App Landing Page

app landing page

5. Unveiled – Ultimate Product Focused Landing Page

focused landing page

6. Bizzr Landing Page

bizzr landing page

7. Kando – 4 Variations – Landing Page / Minisite

variations landing page

8. Chibi – A Small Blue Landing Page

small blue landing page

9. Prolead Landing Page

prolead landing page

10. Lander 5 in 1 Premium Landing Page

premium landing page

11. Health Point – Health Industry Landing Page

industry landing page

12. Kozuka Landing Page

kozuka landing page

13. minimAll Landing Page

minimall landing page

14. Landing


15. Lista Landing Page

lista landing page

16. Landever


17. Sparkling – Landing Page 32 Variations

sparkling landing page

18. Borneo Landing Page

borneo landing page

19. Caribean Premium Landing Page

caribean premium landing page

20. Booster – Product Focused HTML5 Landing Page

focused html5 landing page

21. Airstream Landing Page

airstream landing page

22. Appetizer Landing Page

appetizer landing page

23. Quak – Landing Page 70 Variations

quak landing page

24. Imaginary Landing Page

imaginary landing page

25. Spark – The Perfect Landing Page

perfect landing page

26. Pro Landing HTML/CSS Template

pro landing html

27. The Johnny Landing Page

Johnny landing page

28. The Hosting – Landing Page

the hosting landing page

29. Solea Landing Page

solea landing page

30. Hosting Company Landing Page

company landing page

31. Sidekick Landing Page

sidekick landing page

32. Blaster Landing Page Package

blaster landing page

33. Promo – Landing Page for Digital Product Sales

promo landing page

34. Triple Threat Landing Page

threat landing page

35. Minimal 6 in 1 Premium Landing Page

minimal premium landing page

36. Qloud Landing Page

qloud landing page

37. Duze Landing Page HTML Template

duze landing page

38. DynaX – Landing Page

dynax landing page

39. Insure Landing Page

insure landing page

40. Bizztools – Business Landing Page

bizztools business landing page

41. Cuatro Landing Page

cuatro landing page

42. Lift Off – Lead Capture Page

lead capture page

43. Landed!


You are most welcome to suggest any additions to this list. You can use the comments box below to make any suggestions.

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