36 Useful Free Web Icon Sets for Designers

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Icons are one of the essential part of graphics and modern web designing. Designers are always looking for great collection of icon sets to create mind blowing designs and websites. Here is a collection of great icon sets that every designer or webmaster should have.

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Check out the fresh list of 36 Useful Free Web Icon Sets that you can use in your design projects. Don't forget to share your opinions or experience with these beautiful icon packs.

1. Mini Social Icon Set

Mini Social Icon Set

2. Google Plus Icons

Google plus icons

3. Minimalistica Red Icon Set

Minimalistica Red Icon Set

4. Simplito: A Free Social Icon Set

Simplito: A free social icon set

5. Color Stroked

Color Stroked

6. Google Plus Icons

Google Plus Icons

7. Free Shopping Basket

Free Shopping Basket

8. Webtoys Icons

Webtoys Icons

9. Appliance Icons

Appliance Icons

10. Google Plus(+) Circular Icon Set

Google Plus( ) Circular Icon Set

11. Music, Text, Videos IOS Icons

Music, Text, Videos iOS Icons

12. Cool Collection Of Vector Food Icons

Cool collection of Vector Food Icons

13. Free Mobile Berries

Free Mobile Berries

14. Settings, Weather, Phone IOS Icons

Settings, Weather, Phone iOS Icons

15. 14 Icons In PNG And AI Formats

14 Icons in PNG and AI Formats

16. Weather Icons

Weather Icons

17. 3D Glossy Icon Set: 20 Free Icons

3D Glossy Icon Set: 20 Free Icons

18. Watercolor Social Media Icon Set


19. Free Social Icons – Muffy

Free Social Icons – Muffy

20. Social Media Icons

Social Media Icons

21. Set Of 70 Misc Icons

Set of 70 Misc Icons

22. Peppers Icons

Peppers Icons

23. Google Icons

Google icons

24. Excellent Settings Icon

Excellent settings icon

25. ART Icon Pack 2

ART Icon Pack 2

26. This Is ART Icons

This is ART Icons

27. Blueprint Icon Set

Blueprint Icon Set

28. Social Icons

Social icons

29. My Seven Icons

My Seven Icons

30. Free Vector Blue Icons

Free Vector Blue Icons

31. Perating Systems Icons

perating Systems Icons

32. Social Icon Set ~ Eco-Friendly

Social Icon Set ~ Eco friendly

33. Google Plus Free Icon Pack


34. Facebook &Amp; Twitter Icons ~ Cake Style

Facebook & Twitter Icons ~ Cake style

35. Just Bins Icons

Just Bins Icons

36. Twitter Bird PSD Icon

Twitter bird PSD icon

You are most welcome to suggest any additions to this list. You can use the comments box below to make any suggestions.

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