What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is term that describes marketing a Web site using various techniques to make it more visible on search engines. Search Engine Marketing techniques include search engine optimization (SEO), buying Pay Per Click (PPC) ads, Paid Inclusion or using a combination of these options.

Pay Per Click is a pricing model that most search ads and many contextual ad programs are sold through. PPC ads only charge advertisers if a potential customer click on an ad.

Common Ways for SEM:

Use PPC Platforms: Purchasing keyword triggered advertising on major search engines or content sites can be a great way to drive targeted traffic to your web site. Some common paid per click ad providers are given below.

  • Google AdWords - Google's pay per click ad program, which allows you to buy search and contextual ads.
  • Google AdSense - Google's contextual ad program.
  • Microsoft AdCenter - Microsoft's PPC ad platform
  • Yahoo! Search Marketing Yahoo!'s PPC ad platform

Digg is rolling out a beta program of a new PPC ad platform. The ads will appear along with submitted content, except they will clearly be marked as sponsored advertising. The more an ad is voted up, the lower cost-per-click (CPC) the ad will enjoy. The more the ad is buried, the higher CPC.

Paid Inclusion: A method of allowing websites, which pass editorial quality guidelines to buy relevant exposure. You may give these a try.

  • Directories such as the Yahoo! Directory or Business.com allow websites to be listed for a flat yearly cost.
  • Yahoo! Search allows webmasters to pay for inclusion for a flat review fee and a category based cost per click.
  • Advertisements that are formatted as text links.

Other Ways: Below are some examples of getting more exposure and to attract more traffic to your site.

  • Submit Press Releases
  • Write relevant articles and submit to popular article submitting websites.
  • Write Blogs
  • Provide RSS/XML Feeds
  • Submit to Social Networking Sites
  • Word of mouth also works. Try to tell your friends and their other friends.
  • You may also try advertising through banners.
  • Exchange links with other good relevant sites.
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