3 Top SEO Ingredients That Every Website Must Be Aware Of

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Are you tired of reading the same SEO strategies all the way long from the start? If you are planning to optimize your website for search engines, you will have to start thinking beyond the scope and leverage most uncommon, but essential techniques.

# Sloopy Competitor Link Building

The most essential way of building backlinks is to use Ahrefs tool to check out the competitors' link and the places where they have got backlinks. This tactic sometimes may work, but are not much effective as you cannot beat those competitor's in terms of SEO to rank higher than them.

But here is another tactic which insists you to look out for the sites that ranks on the page 10 or more in Google for your preferred keywords. Why I am saying this because, these pages will show you the sites that are linking to the competitors which are more interested to linking to you. And, getting links from these sites tend to be more natural and as they are not periodically updated.

So, by emailing them, you can ask for offering a link to your innovative content. As they are not a very authority site, there will be having more chances of accepting your content. In addition, if the website you are linking to, have PageRank (PR) 2 or lesser and your PR is higher than them, then you will be more likely having higher possibilities of getting link backs to their site.

# Relevancy Makes the New Page Rank

In a latest interview of an ex-Googler, who worked as a part of web spam team, has stated that relevancy is the new PR.

Google bot is really a good spy on watching websites that building unnatural links, hence it has introduced Penguin update in order to target on sites that has irrelevant links. Almost the whole webmaster community has thought that they could balance this by getting article links through guest posts on the topic relevant to the blog's niche. But, there is huge difference between getting to marketing site from a marketing blog than from a business blog. So is very essential to choose the exact theme of your niche for guest blogging.

So, if you need to increase your SERP ranking, focusing on the PR and quantity of links is not important. It is the quality and relevancy that matters! Hence, by doing so will likely increase your ranking and sustain it for a long run.

# More Authors Will Bring More Traffic

When Google Authorship was introduced, sites that are connected to the content were seen lots of increase in their search traffic. Now, almost every author has their images next to their content in the search results, and so they are no longer being seen as a big thing in terms of popularity. But, they are still seen as a great lift in the search traffic.

Though, Google will typically show only one author image for a website, it is possible to have multiple authors connected to different content on the same website. This in turn will increase the click-through rate as well as number of followers for every individual authors resulting in more number of social shares and higher ranking.

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