CodeIgniter - A PHP Framework Worth An Installation

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PHP comes with a wide range of frameworks that serve as a real delight for a true PHP lover. Despite the amount of complexity attached with your web development requirement, there's a PHP framework that has the caliber of meeting your customized web requirements thoroughly.

The very popular and trendy CodeIgniter is the PHP web development framework that has worked as the best match for building high-quality PHP web applications and websites. Whether it's about saving the overall development time or the efforts; CodeIgniter is the tool for achieving the expected final product.

CodeIgniter A PHP Framework Worth An Installation

CodeIgniter- a Fully-Baked PHP Development Framework

Well, CodeIgniter is a simple, compact and fully-flexible Model-View-Controller(MVC) framework that allows PHP developers to build apps and websites that can perform brilliantly. One of the best features that make CodeIgniter different from other PHP frameworks is the flexibility of using what is required and ignoring what isn't.

Talking about the compact nature of CodeIgniter, it just weighs 1.6 MB; quite less as compared to the 9MB weight of CakePHP. Plus, CodeIgniter comes with simple-to-use libraries and helpers that allow you to get through all the tedious tasks that you're likely to encounter during the project execution stages. Whether it's about building forms, replacing the hard-to-interpret markup or handling emails, calendars, ZIP downloads or languages; with CodeIgniter you can do everything brilliantly.

CodeIgniter - You'll love to install it because it comes with an easy 4-step installation

CodeIgniter A Fully Baked PHP Development Framework

Step 1 - As the very first step, unzip the downloaded CodeIgniter package.

Step 2 - Now, upload all the CodeIgniter files and folders to the web server, keeping index.php as the root file.

Step 3 - As per the third step, open the application/config/config.php file that contains the text editor. Here, set the base URL.

Step 4 - If you've chosen to work with CodeIgniter via a database then simply open the application/config/database.php file and set your preferred database settings.

CodeIgniter - A Brief on Its Working

CodeIgniter is a PHP MVC(Model View Controller) framework that serves as a handy solution for developers who've got bored of using the conventional, over-abundant PHP web development frameworks.CodeIgniter comes with built-in security tools that enable you to implement web app development projects instantly. Default functions such as: un-setting the global variables and turning off the magic_quotes_runtime directive during system initialization make CodeIgniter one of the finest means for building web apps faster.

Commendable documentation - One of the greatest assets of CodeIgniter is its great documentation. Unlike a variety of other PHP frameworks, CodeIgniter's documentation is around ten times better and easy-to-understand.

Final Thoughts

With such great words being spoken about CodeIgniter, I'm sure you'd have got all tempted to install this refined PHP framework into your system. So, what's the wait for? Get to CodeIgniter's official website and download the software to enjoy the whole-sum experience of building apps that are capable of gathering the attention of a wider group of targeted audience.

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