Why You Should Choose VPS for Joomla Website?

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Joomla is a great choice as a CMS, for people who aims at building a website with more complex structure than WordPress, but one having less complicated structure compared to a Drupal powered site. In case, you've made up your mind on choosing Joomla for your web project, then next you should search for a hosting plan that's right for your website. Even though, you've invested a lot of time and energy into designing a site that can handle huge traffic, all your efforts will go in vain on making the wrong hosting choice.

Why You Should Choose VPS for Joomla Website?

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In the days gone by, we only had one choice to choose a dedicated hosting plan to have more control over our online presence and solve any resource usage problems. But selecting a dedicated server for the site requires a large upfront investment. And, what if you don't have enough revenues to pay for a costly hosting as of now. Luckily, virtual private servers or VPS is one of the most viable alternatives to dedicated hosting plan. VPS helps to provide almost similar performance just like dedicated hosting, but at a considerably low-cost.

Below are some of the benefits you'll get by choosing a VPS hosting plan for your Joomla website:

Better Control

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Just as Joomla offers greater control over your site without technical expertise. Likewise, a VPS provides users with complete control over the server, allowing you to choose the software you plan on running. In a nutshell, virtual private servers provide total control over each and every aspect of your website and also gives you the freedom to do anything as per your own requirement.

Remove Limits From Accessing Resources

One of the main downsides to using shared hosting is that it confines the resources you can use on your web server. But virtual private servers avoid adding barriers to the site and enable you to use a good amount of resources - even when your VPS hosting plans are operating on one physical server.

A Cost-Effective Solution

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Another big benefit of VPS hosting is the low cost at which you can enjoy the same performance as that of a dedicated hosting plan. VPS is considerably more cost-efficient in comparison to a dedicated server. You can choose a dedicated server for your site, but that can only be possible when your site generates good revenue. So, if you've a tight budget and are just a start-up organization it would be better if you'll save as much as possible, by choosing a VPS hosting plan.

It's Scalable

Every website is bound to grow at some time. Moreover, there will be times when you'll receive a good amount of traffic to your site, which will compel you to access more resources from your hosting server. But with the help of VPS, you no longer have to worry about accessing resources. That's because, virtual private servers are configured in a manner that help provide users with plenty of resources when they need them the most.


In order to make a site function successfully, it is very important to ensure that it is versatile and can adapt to meet user's needs. Joomla and Linux VPS provides the flexibility that site owner or administrator requires to make sure that the Joomla powered site continuously performs in the most efficient manner possible.


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Bear in mind, a website's success does not only rely on its content, but is also dependent on how reliable it is. Moreover, even your high search engine rankings won't make people bookmark your site if it's not reliable. Therefore, combining the reliable Joomla content management system with a fast and highly secure hosting plan, such as virtual private servers will help you come up with a site with better protection against the most common attacks.

Final Thought

If you don't have enough budget or aren't yet ready to upgrade to a dedicated server as of now, but need a hosting solution to view improvement in your website traffic, then virtual private servers befit your needs. Its a cost-effective alternative that you can choose over dedicated hosting plan. It not only performs in the similar manner like any dedicated server but also provides with a good amount of resources.

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