Google Wallet Or Apple Pay: Which One Is Superior

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Apple has unveiled the Apple Pay feature alongside the latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. It has gathered numerous headlines and is getting a good press ever since its release.

However, the Android users are already having this feature for years with the Google Wallet, which is currently accessible by a plethora of mobile devices. Despite of the fact that Google has unveiled the Google Wallet in the year 2011, surprisingly it has garnered great attention after the release of Apple Pay. Analytics have depicted more than 50% rise in the transactions via the Google Wallet after the launch of Apple Pay.

A probable reason for this could be that while drawing the user's attention, the Apple Pay has certainly promoted the concept of mobile payments. With such technological inventions, the mobile payments are getting great hype across the globe and you can observe more point-of-sale terminals over several locations. As a matter of fact, this ultimately favored the existing "Google Wallet" mobile payment system.

Apple Pay - Google Wallet

Let's compare both the services offered by the two tech giants Apple and Google to find out which one more superior.

Experience: Google Wallet delivers a clunkier experience

Apple Pay is the latest service and has been integrated with powerful Touch ID sensors that ensure a secure transaction over a contact-less payment terminal. Unlike the Apple Pay that supports the same fingerprint at the terminal as that for unlocking the screen, the Google Wallet requires a PIN (preset) other than the PIN for phone unlock. However, this feature has been integrated for security reasons, but it actually makes the process a bit inconvenient.

Device Support: Currently, Apple Pay is supported by only iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Since, to make the mobile payment system executable, the NFC hardware is essential and except iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, no older iteration of iPhone possesses this hardware, Apple Pay is currently compatible with only iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. On the contrary, Google Pay available out there for years and the NFC hardware is incorporated in all the Android devices featuring Android 4.4 (that is, KitKat) or higher.

Countries Supporting Mobile Payment System

At present both the Apple Pay and Google Wallet can be used in USA only. Since, the Apple Pay is just launched, this is justifiable. But, for Google it's been more than three years and there is still no news about its international expansion. However, Apple has shown some seriousness that it will soon expand its Apple Pay reach to other countries as well.


Apple Pay :

Apple Pay can be configured by simply registering your credit card or debit card with it. You can either choose to register a new card or use the same card that is already available in the file associated with your iTunes account.

  • Simply access the Passbook application and navigate to the option "Set Up Apple Pay".
  • For implementing the existing card details, enter the three-digit CVV security PIN.
  • While if new card is used, you can click an image of the new card and the Passbook app will automatically fetch all the relevant card details and leave the you with only entering the corresponding CVV security code.
  • After doing so, you will only need to verify your card and once it is successfully completed, your card is all set to be used.

Google Wallet :

To configure the Google Wallet, you will certainly need to follow almost identical steps as aforementioned for Apple Pay. The only difference is that unlike Apple Pay where the essential Passbook app comes pre-installed on the supported devices, the Google Wallet app doesn't come pre-installed on any of the supported devices. This ultimately adds one more step to the process.

Most importantly, this could be the reason, why Google Wallet is not so known even among the Android users, and so, an opportunity of this effect never presented itself before them, until today.


Both the Google Wallet and Apple Pay offer the same functionality but their applications are a bit different. The latter being the latest one possesses the updated technology with Touch ID that makes it a comparatively secure choice. Whereas, the Google targets a large audience base since it is supported by a plethora of Android devices. However, it will be too early to state that which one of the two will rule the ground. But, it is quite clear that if one wants to make transactions via their Smartphones outside USA, the iPhone will be a viable choice.

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