Top 10 Little-Known Facts About WordPress

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WordPress is a great blogging platform that comes with amazing benefits. From SEO-friendly environment to easy integration, WordPress has everything to help you create unique and appealing websites. WordPress has grown in popularity since its first inception in 2003. Millions of contributors and volunteers have associated with it to bring out the best in WP.

Why WordPress?

why wordpress

Though there are many other content management systems available today, WP is the preferred choice of many bloggers and developers. Its various advantages are the simple reason behind it.

Let's look at the major benefits it offers:

  • Easy Integration:

    Few clicks of mouse and you're done. Yes, it's as easy as 1, 2, 3. Also, you don't even need to have any programming skills to use it. Without having to mess with any code, you can easily add pages, posts, contents and images.

  • Open Source:

    WP is an open source CMS, which simply means, you can use it for absolutely free. Download it from and start messing around.

  • 100% Customizable

    Build a professional website, or a personal blog, WP offers a wide range of options to customize the site according to your specific needs and requirements. It's 100% customizable and comes with uncountable plugins and widgets to enhance the functionality of your site

  • Cost-Effective

    With WordPress, you don't need to outsource website development and designing to any web development company or a freelancer. You can build a site in few hours and have complete control over it. WP is a great way of saving hundreds of dollars while setting a foot in online business.

WordPress has become a popular choice for many. However, still there are many things you probably don't know about WP.

List Of Certain Yet Important Facts About WordPress:

1. The Logo "W":

wordpress logo

Jason Santa Maria is the mind behind the logo of WordPress "W". Jason Santa Maria is a renowned designers and speaker from New York with a passion for typography. Also, WP didn't have any logo for 2 continuous years and this logo was launched after the 2nd year.

2. Total Versions Of WordPress

wordpress versions

The popularity of WP has taken the online world by storm. Where people were using WP for creating their websites and expanding their reach, WordPress worked on improving its platform to serve its customers better. There have been more than 98 versions of WP released since its first launch. WordPress version 4.3.1 is the latest version. Also, has been downloaded more than 44 million times till date, which justifies the popularity of this content management system.

3. More Than 51 WP Translations

wordpress internationalization localization

The recognition of WP also encouraged Matt Mullenweg (co-founder of WP) to translate it into different languages including Russian, Romanian, Spanish, Hebrew, French, German, Swedish, Japanese, Dutch and many more. Today there are over 51 translations of WordPress available. No need to limit yourself. Choose your preferred language and build an appealing website today.

4. Unlimited Plugins and Themes Available

plugins and themes

A surprising fact is that there are more than 45,000 plugins and themes available to download. Also, these plugins have been downloaded 915,490,200 many times. Also, the launch of new plugins and themes has a crucial role in the popularity of WP.

5. The Trademark Of WordPress

wordpress trademark image

It was believed that the trademark of WordPress was owned by Automatic, which is not true. WordPress trademark was developed by Automattic and then handed it over to WP foundation. Therefore, it is owned and managed by only WordPress. Also, WP Foundation is an umbrella organization and has been supporting since 2010. Besides this, in order to use WordPress logo or name anywhere in the domain, company name, project or product, you need permission from the foundation before using it since they have pretty strict restrictions for using WP logo or name.

6. Base Of Millions Of Websites

wordpress powered best websites

Today 23% of top blogs are built using WordPress as their main content management system i.e. approximately 66 millions of websites. In addition, thousands of new websites are being built every day which are powered by Wordpress.

7. A Great Source Of Income for Online Bloggers


The ease of use and integration of WP has given birth to various new bloggers and developers. It has become the main source of income for them. There are hundreds and thousands of developers online who are earning approximately 40 dollars per hour either working as freelance developer or blogger.

8. Most Requested Skill


IT industry is growing and so is the demand for WordPress developers and designers. Today, big brands are looking for developers who are skilled at WP and can easily built websites on such a huge platform.

9. Only 238 Brains Behind the Success Of WordPress.Com


WordPress is a big name, but did you know there are only 238 people behind the success of Seeing the demand and popularity of WP, it is very hard to believe that there is only this number of minds behind it.

10. Powers Biggest Brands Across the World

power of wordpress

Wordpress also powers many biggest brands across the world such as Search Engine Land, CNN Political Ticker, Think Progress, TechCrunch, Mashable, The Next and Ebay, Best Buy, XEROX, Coca-Cola etc.

Like it or not, WordPress is the future of web development. What are you waiting for? Get your own website built on WordPress today!

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