6 Ways Defining How To Optimize Your Emails for Mobile Viewing

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Marked as one of the earlier mediums of communication, emails are still in the vogue. It is true that the approach of developing these mails has changed a bit to focus more on optimizing the email for mobile viewing. As bigger and better smartphones are ushering in the market to offer the better experience to the users, service providers are now focused more on optimizing the emails for the mobile phones. The practice not only benefits the users by offering them a superb viewing experience but also helps service providers to extend the number of viewers with optimized emails .

A number of surveys have been done to support the fact that users are more likely to check their emails on the phones. Here are some of the stats to show the reality.

  • Nearly 89% of email marketers are losing greater opportunities because they have not optimized their emails yet
  • About 48-50% of emails are opened on the smartphones
  • Nearly 69% of mobile users delete the messages that do not load over their phones

These stats clearly show that there is no option left with the service providers than to optimizing their emails for smartphones. The approach is ideal for both the parties as it is only going to offer greater benefits to the clients as well as the service providers.

Here Are the Ways That Define How To Optimize the Emails for Viewing on the Mobile Phones!

Compressing the Size of the Images

Images are one of the best ways to attract the users towards the email but when optimizing for the smartphones, you need to compress the image size so that it can load well. Lack of speed with uncompressed images can cause 7% drop on an average in the conversion every 1 second.

The image size can be compressed by including the files that have smaller images. With emails that have all the essential components included perfectly right from smaller image files to exceptional content on them, these are always going to gain the attention of the users.

Developing Responsive Grid System in the Email

In case you are good at coding, responsiveness can be embedded by using CSS (cascading style sheet) and HTML . Further incorporating the responsive codes in the CSS, emails can be given the desired responsiveness. However, it needs expert coding skill to accomplish the job with ease.

In case the task seems difficult, you can take the professional help for the same. Such services are available with a number of email template service providers out there in the market. Such emails are sure to offer an exceptional viewing experience to the users.

Easy to tap CTA

CTA or call to action buttons are the users' option over emails to respond to the offer or other links to read further. In case, the CTAs are not placed well over the emails or the users won't find the tapping well, they are sure to leave the message, which is a direct loss to the service provider.

Call to action should be designed and placed in a way that it is easy to find and locate as well. In addition to it, the navigation should also be such that users do not find any difficulty while browsing the links.

Short and Engaging Content

There is no guarantee that users are going to devote their time on reading the emails. However, engaging content on the email can retain them for longer that may further increase the conversion rates for the service providers. Thus, it is advised to forward engaging content to the users.

Writing precisely, on the other hand, has a lot of advantages. Users are only going to get a glimpse of the emails that have been sent to them. In case, there are short sentences over the emails, users are sure to get a glimpse of the same.

Designing for Subscribers' Need

Designing for the subscribers' need carries better chance of the emails to be opened by the users. The approach is all about making the email viewing experience a smoother one for the users. Once you have all the related information on the kind of the email clients that are the most popular with the users, it is now time for you to design the aspects perfectly.

You can get information on the kind of email clients that are most popular among the users with checking the percentage of the email opens on a particular platform. After getting the information, you need to act accordingly.

Pay Attention to the Preheaders and the Subject Lines

Developing the content with the right preheaders, subject lines, etc. appeals perfectly to the users and attracts them to view the details on the email. The preheader is the first line of the introduction of your emails to the users and, therefore, it is important to impress the users at the very first attempt.

This increases the chances of getting the attention of the users and compelling them to read the messages on the emails. Thus, a creative start to the email is going to win the customers for the business.

Apart from keeping these details in the mind, it is advised to test the final version before sending the same to the users. Being a professional service provider, you cannot commit the mistake while sending the emails to the users and, therefore, it is important to test the final outcome before sending to the users.

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