Top Magento Development Myths that You Need to Know

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Well, every technology brings some pros and cons with itself. No wonder it brings some myths too. When it comes to web related technologies, then I must say that unknowingly the entire human race has become the part of it.

In the world of ever-changing technologies, people often discuss the usages and drawbacks on their parameters. Among several web development techniques, one is Magento.

Magento is written in PHP and considered as the best platform for developing eCommerce websites. As it is an open-source platform thus, it offers cost effectiveness to their adoptees.

Magento has gained tremendous popularity in the world and has become the first choice for eCommerce development. Countless online eCommerce sites have been running on Magento platform.

Despite the fact that Magento rules at the top of the list for the development of eCommerce sites, some misconceptions are prevailing in the market and have occupied the minds of its adoptees.

Through this blog, I am trying to unveil some top myths for Magento development that help you to understand this platform in better ways.

Top Magento Development Myths That You Need To Know

It is Slower than Other Platforms

One of the famous myths about Magento is it is slow which is not true. Instead, Magento is light weight. What makes it slower are the evil practices that are performed during the implementation of the sites.

Magento can work faster, better, and can yield exceptional results for your business if one chooses appropriate light weight template and host it onto some dedicated server with the desired location from where you can expect more traffic for your online store.

Further, by avoiding unnecessary elements and using light weight images, you can make your site perform well.

It is Absolutely Free Platform

Most of the people understand that open source means "free". They think that Magento is completely a free platform to get an eCommerce site, and when they find the pricing page on the official site of the Magento, they often consider it as a fraud.

No doubt that Magento is free and open-source but for your kind of information, it takes years of hard work and dedication to developing technology so that it could serve you to make your problems easier.

Magento is developed for simplifying the development of online stores. "Free" stands for the freedom to copy and reuse the framework as and when required.

Aside from this, for fulfilling the diverse needs of the businesses around the world, Magento offers both free and paid edition that varies in features.

It offers a lot even in free edition but if you want to explore and use all of its premium features, then you have to go for paid edition that not only allows you to taste premium features but also enable you to implement on your site to get a distinction among your competitors.

It Provides Limited Customer Support

Well, you cannot say that Magento offers only limited customer support. It depends on the plan you choose.

For instance, if you possess the Magento community edition then you have to rely on the support provided by community members in online forums.

Magento has gained immense recognition and admiration when it comes to providing support and most of the people find no difficulty in finding answers to their queries.

Besides this, if you want to experience valuable support from the professionals then it is better to choose paid editions. No doubt, that you will get 24/7 quality assistance on several issues.

It Compromises Quality

World's most reputed online stores are built on Magento platform, thus those who consider that Magento compromises quality is not a real fact.

However, it may happen that the company or professional that you choose to get your site developed may compromise with their efforts. To get quality work, you need to hire quality professionals that can deliver the quality services.

Nothing could be far from the reality as the Magento platform is designed enough to tackle and fulfill every kind of requirements that can lead one to get a great eCommerce site.

It is Especially for Big Businesses

One of the biggest myths that are trending across the market is that the Magento development is only for large scale businesses which are not true again.

If you have the vision to expand your horizon on the global platform and you already start making valuable efforts in that direction then you can find all the support and elements that can take your business online.

Thus, Magento has nothing to do with the size of the business firms; its purpose is to serve all needy business organizations without any biasing.

It is Great for SEO

Well, not entirely but partly true. One cannot deny the fact that Magento yields the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results but it is worthy if you understand the importance of SEO.

It is often seen that people think that having a website developed on Magento can do all the work and they overlook the significance of SEO.

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I hope the points described above will help you to debunk the myths for Magento. Further, if you want higher conversion rates and beloved by Google then it is better to hire a Magento development partner.

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