6 UI/UX Designing Tips that can Improve Your Conversion Rates

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The Design is a rather vague and broad term. When someone says "I am a UI or UX designer," you really don't get what actually they do as there are a number of different responsibilities comprised by the umbrella term designer.

Roles related to design exist in a wide range of various areas of industrial design (furniture or vehicles) to teach (Mobile apps or websites) to print (technical drafts or magazines). Where do UI and UX design fits in?

6 UI/UX designing tips that can improve your conversion rates

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UX designers are mainly concerned with how the product feels. It's your job to find the most suitable solution for a given specific problem that has no single right answer.

Unlike them, UI designers work on how the product is laid out. They are in charge of designing each screen or page that will help the client to attract users and ensuring that the User Interface visually communicates the path that UX has laid out.

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Now online classes are available for UI and UX designs. Zeolearn provides you with online classes on every type of course that will help you in building your career.

You have just built your client a fascinating dynamic, new website. It looks cool, as it displays all the social media buttons on the home page and maybe it took less time than you expected to complete it.

Do ask yourself the three major questions that revolve in your mind when you begin with your new idea, before launching it;

Well, if you didn't plan the design for your new website, then it's the time to go back to the drawing board.

But what exactly conversion rate is? Most of the people do not have an idea what is conversion are and where they are applied.

Conversions apply to every kind of website because conversions don't mean to be a straight forwarded purchase. Every website wants to get users and site visitors to do some things or simply perform an action on the site.

The best way to increase conversions is by ensuring that your site's user is well experienced and leaves nothing to chance. So designers, while creating a website, make sure to keep conversions in their minds.

Don't you worry, though? Here we are sharing some of the awesome methods to help you improvising your websites and increasing your conversion rates.

As you know good looks alone aren't enough to sell the products or services on offer.

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For User Interface (UI) Design

Interactive Images

There are many types of research that show that objects and images that we see around, influences our behavior.

Check out websites for children, they are interactive and can easily capture a child's eyes, but there are some websites that do not give an eye candy look. Sometimes the same kind of theme or look might cause an opposite effect on the audience.

So designers, pick images that are meaningful and that embody that message or feeling. Please don't put graphics on your websites for your own sake, if they are not doing their job.

Why risk your website? Cliched and stock photos are dangerous as they don't send the correct message related to your content. So select your images carefully so that they don't effect negatively.

Instant Results

While creating your website's user interface, do think about little things; "What does the user want?" and then construct exactly according to your theme. However admirable the object, it's easily misdirected.

Moreover, people want light fastening results, they want to know whether they are on the right track or not.

Some forward-focused step-by-step navigation can help them to get in or out. People don't like waiting when they are searching or doing their work online.

Your website runtime should be fast, if it takes a longer time to load up all the content, people will get easily frustrated and won't visit your site. Make your website processes simple and easy.

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Choice Paralysis

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One of the marketing phenomena is known as "Choice Paralysis" and it occurs when a user has so many options.

Hold your horses, we are not saying that having a choice is bad, but when customers are presented with so many options, they are likely to get confused and frustrated where to go. They become paralyzed.

How to get rid of this? Easy! Make people go for the right service or product that is suitable for them. Tell them what options they have and suggest the one they should choose.

In case they choose a wrong product, they automatically go for another one. In case they get confused, then they go for the "default"option to help prevent choice paralysis.

User Experience (UX) Design


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The Content of any website is more important than the interface. Yes, it's true.

If you check the stats, it is reported that nearly 61% make a purchase based on a blog and 70% of them know about a company through blogs than ads.

Stop wondering why it happens, as your visitors would love to read about your company or product from the company blogs. Thus, it's important that the quality of the content is authentic and don't jump to the point too soon.

Users just want readable and relevant content. Please don't even think of using broken chunks of info and make sure your content is precise and compact.

Use a language that people can easily understand. A lot of people might add engaging, attractive, etc. to the mix.

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Social Element

In this digitized world, everybody is active on social networking sites. And trust me more than 40% marketers found customers through Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

It is safe to use social sites for your marketing and people will always do their best to connect with each other using technology. But you have to be choosy in picking up social sites.

For instance, WordPress social plugins will spoil you for choice but don't go cack-handed with them. Instead of putting Like, Share and Follow buttons on every single page.

Do remember to put up sharing buttons on each page so that users can share at any time, hand to hand. Even if it is a single quote from a 1000 word article, just put a button on it.


There are more ways to improvise your UI and UX designs. Make sure you test your website on every step before handing it to the client.

Since testing is the most crucial element. Keep testing your Interface, Content and Design till you hit the sweet spot. Because once you do that, it gets better and better.

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