Top 6 Mistakes That Everyone Makes in WordPress

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The experience in using various web stuff of anybody is full of cases with mistakes involved. It is completely natural to make them because we are all humans and nobody is perfect. After all, one of the best methods to be good at something is to learn from the mistakes and trying not to repeat them again.

Top 6 Mistakes That Everyone Makes in WordPress

The same rules apply to WordPress. People who start using it tend to take a quick way and set up everything to get things running as soon as possible but the hurry often leads to undesirable outcomes. The errors made at the start can cause some long-term issues, such as security flaws, and the site might be exposed to attacks.

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To prevent this and many other problems, read these common mistakes to ensure that your WordPress site is secure, fast, and profitable.

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1. Selecting the Wrong Platform

When Wordpress beginners start their work with the platform, they are faced with the choice that many get wrong. There are two options: Free and self-hosted You won't believe how often people make the improper choice and then end up unsatisfied with their blog.

It is vitally important for WordPress beginners to get this one right because there is a difference between these platforms. If you are a blogger, for example, the right choice for you is because it has all features necessary for running the blog without too many controls.

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2. Not Changing the Admin Username

This is a simple mistake that can cost you an entire site. During the installation of the platform, you will notice that it establishes the default username "admin" for the administrator, which has been a standard name since the beginning.

For many, "admin" seems like a perfect name and it is, but it is also perfect for the hackers who know that some users forget to change the default username. Most of the hacker attacks are performed with "admin" username and many of them are successful because of this simple mistake.

However, avoiding this one is just as simple. During the installation, change the default username by using the combination of letters and numbers, so the hackers would not have the chance to obtain control over your site.

3. Not Creating a Backup

Always backup your files. The same rule applies to Wordpress: if the files are not saved, you might be falling in a hole and the rescue will not come because it is not there.

Besides, there are lots of options for you to choose from when it comes to backup, including BackupBuddy and BackWPup , and many of them are free, so you will see how it easy it is to avoid this mistake.

4. Using Inadequate Theme

Believe it or not, the appearance plays a crucial role when it comes to the blogging, so choosing the right theme is profoundly important. It is strongly advised to keep in mind three main things before selecting and purchasing a theme: easiness to use, adequate price, and reputed provider.

By checking if the developer of your selected theme meets these requirements, you will know whether the theme is worth purchasing.

There are some great options out there, including WordPress Themes Directory , ThemeForest and Elegant Themes .

5. Too Many Categories and Tags

Undoubtedly, you need to take advantage of the WordPress' capability to categorize your content with numerous tags. However, do not overdo it, because making too many tags actually reduces the quality of user experience by complicating the navigation around the blog. As the result, the entire site will be affected and visitors will not hold there for a long time.

Take a look at the blog of the custom writing company and see how easy it is to navigate without any tags at all and remember, keep the number of them at an appropriate level.

6. Ignoring the Updates

Since the launch, WordPress developers have updated many themes and removed numerous issues to improve the performance of the platforms, including security. Therefore, by ignoring the updates, you might be decreasing the level of security of your site and make it outdated, so make sure you install the new stuff.

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