Web Design Essentials: 5 Pages That Exist As Critical Components on Your Website

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A website contains a lot of information that is distributed on different pages serving different functions. Optimize each page effectively to inspire customer engagement and conversion.

A website has several components that come together make the site functional and efficient. Web pages are one of them.

While each page is unique and serve a distinct function, there are some web pages that are definitely of more significance and call for more attention.

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Let's look at these important pages in detail.

Web Design Essentials


A home page is potentially the first impression a visitor gets of a business. Though users spend only a few minutes on the home page of a website, this is right where they decide if they want to look further and engage more with your business.


The page explains the visitor who you are, what you do and everything in between. The best "about us" pages go beyond basic bio and the history of the company. They address most questions in the mind of curious visitors while giving them reasons to stay and engage.


It's a page where you can pour out your extensive knowledge and effectively connect with your prospects and visitors.

From how-to guides on latest development software to advice on hiring a service provider of web design in Australia, you can make your blog posts around anything that is relevant to your business and audience.


This is the page that allows interested visitors to reach you. Everything from your mailing address, phone number and fax number to email address and social media accounts are included on this page to help visitors get in touch.

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The search function is one of the most crucial elements of a website these days. A website encompasses a wealth of information which is not all present on a single page.

A search utility adds interactivity to your website while making it easier for users to access required information quickly.

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The Specifics: How do you go about optimizing each page?

All the five essential pages have distinguishable functions to serve. However, when it comes to optimization, there are two common specifics that apply to all of the pages.

Let's have a glance at these factors:

#1: Customer Needs

"What Are Your Users Looking for ?"

Focus on your users and figure out what dragged them to one of these pages.

Comprehending what exactly your users need to know and why they are on a particular page will help determine the kind of information that should go on that page to generate the desired action.

Moreover, it is necessary to optimize content strategically in different forms like videos, hero shots and images to make the most of vital information on a single page.

#2: Desired Action

"What Do You Want the User To Do?"

Everything you include on your web pages is to encourage prospects to do "something" in your favour. You don't want a visitor to land on your homepage or contact us page and just look and leave.

Every single page and not just the ones we're talking about in this article must contain at least one call-to-action to demand some response from the viewer.

Getting around Optimization Tips and Tricks


  • Incorporate big, striking headlines
  • Arrange content strategically on the page; put the most imperative information at the top or center.
  • Highlight the CTA as much as possible. You can include several CTAs on your homepage. Make each of them clear and eye-catchy with big, easy-to-access buttons.


  • Relate your opening to your audience's needs and objectives. Starting with the reasons they visit your website would show you care about their needs.
  • Dedicate the above-the-fold area to the most important information and points so that they don't have waste their time scrolling up and down to know things they should immediately know about your brand or company.
  • Include considerable facts like your retention rate or achievements/awards as seeking points.
  • Give your visitors an impressive, memorable brand story, even if you don't have one in reality. Sharing who you are in an honest way will inspire customer loyalty and engagement.


  • Needless to say, your posts should be relevant to your targeted audience. Include meaningful and informative content that satisfy customers' needs.
  • Most visitors prefer to go through the most recent blogs. So, you would want to categorise your posts into "most recent", "older" and other groups for their ease of access.
  • Add call to actions in your blogs to incite subscription, download of resources and other actions which can keep them engaged and connected.


  • Put all the main information including email address, phone number, contact form, mailing address and more above the fold.
  • Use CTAs that are clearly visible and allow visitors to contact you easily.
  • Provide a live chat option and a call back widget, if feasible.


  • Make your search bar noticeable and easily accessible.
  • Allow users to filter results by size, color, brands and even customer reviews.
  • Users may not be used to website's internal search. Assist them by offering auto-complete, last query results, radio buttons, pull down-menus, suggestion for future searches and more.

Your web pages are not just to provide visitors and prospects with information but generate actions and demand sales.

Use the tips and considerations highlighted in this article and optimize your web pages like a pro.

Furthermore, you can also hire a professional Magento website designer or a certified website design company in Australia to tweak your web pages for high views and conversions.

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