6 WordPress Plugins to Turn Your Website into a Traffic Driving Machine

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Wordpress is one of the widely used open source platforms. Its rich features, great attributes, and flexibility are some of the aspects that make it the first choice of the professionals.

With SEO point of view as well, it is definitely the right choice because websites designed using WordPress are not only SEO-friendly but user-friendly as well.

Owing to these factors only, more and more professionals are moving towards WordPress being their only choice. There are lot of plug-ins that you can use according to the need and ensure that your blog or website is well created.

6 WordPress Plugins to Turn Your Website into a Traffic Driving Machine

No matter how well designed your website may be but getting traffic is the whole sole motive. Doing SEO is not enough unless you are able to seek the attention of the visitors.

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If you are unable to get enough traffic on your website despite putting all the efforts and high ranking in the search engines, you have come to the right place.

Now you might be wondering how to get more hits on your website or how you can achieve the purpose.

The Answer Is Very Simple!

Use the best WordPress plugins to increase traffic and see a huge difference in the number of visitors coming to your website.

Though there are much wp traffic plugins which you will come across but here we will focus on the top 6 of them.

So Let Us Get Started!

1. Yoast SEO

The very first WordPress plug-in that you can go for is the Yoast SEO. Its high rating is a clear indication that it is very popular and mostly used by everyone.

It includes some of the excellent features like page analysis tool through which you can ensure that you are going on the right path.

Using this plug-in, you can be rest assured that all the images have proper tags, right keywords are present or not. Check the content and the Meta description as well to ensure things are in form.

If there is anything missing, the same will be notified to you and then you can make the desired changes.

Yoast SEO - WordPress Plugin

2. WPTouch Mobile Plug-in

If you have a mobile friendly site for your users, then this can be a superb plug-in to go for. Getting used to this plug-in is quite simple, that is why you will not feel the need to hire any professional wordpress plugin development company for the same.

With its help, you can add a beautiful theme to your website which easily grabs the attention of the users. There are customization options which you can make use thereby adding uniqueness to the website.

In today's time, when most of the users, access the internet through mobiles, this plug-in can do wonders for you.

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WPTouch Mobile - WordPress Plugin

3. SEO Optimized Images

Images are crucial and need to be optimized along with the content. Optimization not only improves the rank of your website but ensures that the content, as well as the images, enhance the look of the website too.

Through this plug-in, you can not only perform a check on content and images but get guaranteed results as well.

Automatic insertion of the title tags, image tags etc. will be done so as to ensure better outcomes.

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SEO Optimized Images - WordPress Plugin

4. Broken Link Checker

As the name indicates, this is the plug-in through which you can check whether or not there are any broken links in your content.

It is because the broken links can have a negative impact on the overall performance of the website and therefore you need to be correct them as soon as possible.

Broken Link Checker pugin provides complete information of the same and lets you know of the images missing too. From time to time, you will be notified regarding the broken links on your website.

It helps the search engines not to follow any broken link and also monitor the entire content, its posts, comments etc.

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Broken Link Checker - WordPress Plugin

5. Google XML Sitemaps

Getting your content indexed is essential so with this plug-in you can generate the correct sitemap. This ensures that indexing becomes easy as well as fast.

Once this plug-in is installed you can sit back and relax as everything is done in the right way and effectively too.

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Google XML Sitemaps - WordPress Plugin

6. All in One SEO Pack

The last is All in One SEO Pack that helps you to overcome all the SEO challenges. Getting started with it is quite simple and seamless.

Its features include Google analytic tool, Meta tag generation done automatically, keep away from duplicate content, and optimize the titles, XML sitemaps and lots more.

You also have the advanced features which can be utilized thus proving to be an effective plug-in for all your needs.

All in One SEO Pack - WordPress Plugin


Thus these are the best WordPress money making plugins that you can rely on and get assured results.

Once you use them, you will find them useful and worth integrating as results are just mind-blowing.

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