How to Create an Effective Keyword List for Growing Your Traffic & Revenue

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One of an essential element especially in what we refer to a search engine marketing campaign is creating an effective keyword list.

Both pay per click (PPC) and Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) advertising are built by having a list of well-searched and relevant keywords.

The unfortunate thing is that most people do not know what the meaning of having quality and eye-catching keywords even if they are still doing marketing and advertising. The actual development and creation of keywords is not easy and therefore it requires patience and time.

How to Create an Effective Keyword List

This is just like investing since it later leads to increased traffic hence high demand of your goods and services. Even after developing the first keywords, you have to keep on updating them as the nature of the market and available information changes.

Here are some of the tips in creating an effective keyword list.

1. Think Like a Customer

One of the most vital thing to remember while creating keyword list is to think like a potential/target customer. This will help you to determine what specific words your customers will use in describing your products and services.

Describe your products in incredible words and phrases relating to primary categories of your business while putting yourself in the client's shoes.

After generating those words (descriptions), expand them to come up with several alternatives and variations. You can do this by having the synonyms or alternative spelling of those words.

At this point, you can also use Google keywords. It is very helpful.

2. Select Specific Keywords

There is what we call refining keywords from a broad list of keywords for the purpose of targeting specific customers.

This will involve removing irrelevant and broad keywords. When talking about broad keywords, we are referring to those that generate great impressions but lacks relevancy.

You need to add more descriptive words to broad keywords to make them more explicit. You can use a few negative keywords to reduce some of the irrelevant impressions.

In case you find this difficult, consider using SEO experts' services. In the case, specific customers are interested in particular products or services you are offering, select keywords that directly matches their demands.

You can also opt for keywords that match your ad's theme. The keywords should not be too specific since this might hinder you from reaching more customers.

Generate general keywords to reach more people, you have to research and select general keywords. General keywords no matter how general they are should be relevant at all times.

However, too broad keywords such as most searched words may make it difficult for you to reach more potential customers since some of them may fail to reflect the actual nature and quality of your goods and services.

In addition, very general keywords encourage competition leading to more struggle in winning the customers.

Use Google keyword and customers feedback to test which general keywords gives you the best results.

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3. Use Keyword Matching Options/Google AdWords

After coming up with your keywords, it is wise that use the keyword matching options that are provided by Google AdWords .

With these options, you can generate more relevant general as well as target based keywords. This reduces keywords impressions and the cost per click (CPC).

Besides Google matching options, you can also use a free keyword tool from Google referred to as Google AdWords.

This tool helps you in building relevant, and extensive keyword lists with its interface. It provides you with keyword ideas and allows you to add more keywords to the ad groups.

Google Adwords - Keyword Research Tools To get Keywords Suggestion from your website, Start by selecting the First Option

Google Adwords - Keyword Research Tools Enter your Website URL

Google Adwords - Keyword Research Tools The generated Keywords List along with the Impressions and CPC for building your PPC campaigns

In addition, it helps you to find keywords that specifically relates to website content. Use the website content option instead of filling your set of keywords to save time and resources. The moment you enters the exact URL of your site, AdWords will generate relevant keywords based on your site content and nature.

Never use duplicate keywords since Google only shows one ad per advertiser on a particular keyword. Compare keywords (Keyword research) to gauge the effectiveness and competitiveness of the selected keywords. You have to analyze and compare them with the ones used in several top ranked websites.

Take your keyword list and go ahead to enter it into MSN adCenter or Google. Visit the top ranked sites and review their descriptions, keyword tags and titles (Meta tags).

In case these sites have similar or better keywords that relate to your business, add them to your keyword list.

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