Top 10 Resources to Outsource Your Content Creation

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Blog and content creation creates the best platform when it comes to sharing your thoughts and ideologies, creating the next big website or even popularizing and pushing for your recently-started venture.

In the case where you want to drive huge traffic your way, and in turn convert them into customers, the secret is basically coming up with high-quality sites. They need to be captivating, educational and easy to read.

Top 10 Resources to Outsource Your Content Creation

In the case where you have no clue about where to start you should not worry.

Below is a list of ten content creation sites that will come to your rescue and that are credible since they have already been tested. Make sure to check them out yourself.

1. Video Marketplace Sites

In recent times, people have appreciated and opted for video when it comes to creating content on the web. It is immediate, fun and a very prompt means of putting your thoughts and ideas across.

Creators on such sites as YouTube have realized that they can lure a huge following of ardent fans by putting in a little hard work and creative thinking. These sites perform similar tasks.

1. Video Scribe

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For those who have just started, it is advisable to use this tool since it is quite simple and easy to use.

It gives you an opportunity to create whiteboard videos sing their templates, which is very convenient especially for beginners without much knowledge in video creation. They can still come up with something fun and appealing without much struggle.

You basically commence with your images and texts, add animation times, lay your voiceover as well as music and there you have it.

You have the privilege of using the service for seven days which is the trial period after which you can by a subscription fee at a reasonable price.

2. Pond 5

Pond 5

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Even though we may wish to, we cannot manage to send out film crews to obtain all footage we need for our videos.

Pond 5 serves as a great platform to purchase footage you require, promptly and easily for your site.

Just type the kind of footage you require and there is a large selection of clips to choose from which you will obtain at reduced prices.

Public domain footage comes in handy for those intending to save money as well. When choosing footage, you can preview it before buying it.

3. Video Script

Video Script

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This services comes in handy when you are not certain about what to write and how to exactly write it. Its solutions provide a solid basis for making your videos.

You just have to get to them thee basic structure, topics as well as products your video is about and they will give you a script that will guide you.

4. Fotolia


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This is a perfect tool for newcomers in the blogging venture. You are able to access royalty free videos at affordable fees meaning that you can use high definition clips in your videos without blowing your budget.

The packages cost as low as 14$ to take care of everyone. The professional video clips add a legitimate touch to your site, which comes in handy especially for beginners.

2. Text Content Marketplaces

Most content that makes up any site constitutes of your blog posts as well as texts.

Writing content can prove to be an uphill task, as you try to be relevant and engaging with the articles and at the same time trying not to post meaningless bulk on the site.

When done well, the writing will be beneficial and the readers will go out of their way to share your content which is good for business.

These particular services can help those of you who are too busy to post regularly or feel that they would deliver substandard articles.

5. Contentmart


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This platform helps you access copywriters who you can develop a healthy working relationship with and who deliver great content. Just post the jobs to be done and wait for bids from talented and experienced copywriters.

Choose the best writer for the job and in case of any issues or dissatisfaction you are refunded all of your funds.

6. A-Writer


Providing valuable and relevant content is the key to making sure that your clients are satisfied.

Their content creation team makes sure that you are able to relate with the content well.

Also they work against the clock to ensure they deliver faultless and appealing content which will easily entice anyone into reading it.

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3. Photo and Illustration Marketplaces

Photos and images are the crown for your site. The visuals you use go a long way in speaking about you values and visions so make sure to pick the right ones.

Instead of creating your own low quality images, you can use these services with their photography or illustration skills up to task.

7. Shutterstock


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The renowned image distribution service guarantees you super high quality, relevant and modern images.

The widely-used images can be purchased at an affordable priced image pack for few images. For regular pictures a monthly price plan is preferable.

It offers free tools for its users that edit images, curate collections and offer tips and tricks.

8. Photodune


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This is an awesome service to use especially for those using pennies. It has a huge library of royalty-free cheap stock images.

There are also free high quality images, which are easy to download, for those on a budget or just trying them out.

9. Eyeem


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It uses works of some of the most creative photographers on the web. It assist those intending to come up with artistic, bespoke looks for their sites.

Pricing is very convenient since it is per photo and you can also sell your high quality images to them.

10. Creative Market

Creative Market

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Making your website unique is quite difficult especially due to the many businesses and people creating marketing sites on a daily basis. To be above the rest, make your sites visually interesting.

This service offers amazing tools including fonts, PowerPoint templates and logo creators. Purchasing and integrating them with your content is simple yet very effective.

You will be guaranteed of high quality and captivating content and traffic will be coming your way.

You could also add quality by using the right combination of outsourced copywriters and image and video creators.

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