10 Best Magento 2 Extensions that Make the Developers Life Easier in 2016

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Magento extensions make life easy for Magento developers. It is an excellent way to customize ecommerce stores by adding features and functionality using different extensions. Thus, it makes frequent updates of Magento versions easy and rapid.

Extensions make updates of core source fast & easy for Magento. Therefore, integrating extensions with Magento 2 core may help you to extend the features and functionality beyond the imagination.

10 Best Magento 2 Extensions that Make the Developers Life Easier

We know each business is unique therefore their needs for extensions may be distinct and need to address it with bespoke approaches.

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In due course, we have listed some plugins with common use for most of the Magento stores in this post.

1. Magento 2 Product List

Magento 2 Product List

Displaying products righteously grab the immediate attentions of Magento visitors.

For instance, The Latest Products, New Arrivals, Special Products, The Most Popular Products, The Best Seller Products, Top Rated Products, Random Products, Featured Products, and various Deals announcement modules are considering the sure fire ways to increase AOV and conversion rate.

Unfortunately, if we are going to use built-in features and functionality of Magento in a native way, it may prove costly affair due to the time-consuming tasks involved in it.

Therefore, using Magento 2 Product List extension, which is also free to download can make life easy for developers as well as backend users who are managing products related aspects in a large Magento eCommerce.

2. Magento 2 Slider Extension

Magento 2 Slider Extension

Sliders and carousels are providing unbeatable ways to make an effective presentation of content using multimedia content such as texts, images, and videos. Those are ways to deliver your business and marketing messages in alluring yet innovative styles.

Therefore, Magento 2 Slider Extension is the best way to leverage such benefits without spending a penny on its download. Its powerful features are:

  • Responsive extension for sliders to make it mobile-friendly
  • Multimedia content supports for content editing
  • It supports OWL Carousel
  • It has CMS integrated for content publishing on the slider
  • Libraries for animation and feature for live preview is available
  • It supports up to ten sliders
  • It has easy to use and intuitive interface

3. Magento 2 FAQ Extension

Magento 2 FAQ Extension

The Recent algorithm of Google favors question-answer to reveal in-depth information and satisfy the curiosity of users/visitors on the web. Therefore, FAQ section on a website has some significance before it was in the past.

Moreover, FAQ page is the best place to provide answers to several critical questions, which is not possible to include in the other pages anyhow on an eCommerce website like Magento.

In such scenario, Magento 2 FAQ Extension is the best tool to visit your FAQ page and makes it a pleasant experience. Some of the highlighted features are:

  • Ajax enabled live search to quickly find out expected questions without much scrolling on a big FAQ page
  • Depicting the most FAQ on the top of the row
  • Answer field is expandable (+) & collapsible (-) features
  • Allows you to create topics and categories in backend with managing and editing modules
  • Can display FAQ button on product pages too to allow add and find required FAQs by the shoppers
  • Shoppers can add question using a nice popup window
  • Supports multiple layouts for FAQ such as simple, list, grid, accordion, and category
  • Various widgets to place different types of FAQ
  • Can change the FAQ sorting by changing the order
  • Can categories questions and answers
  • SEO-driven FAQ
  • Sumptuous user interface
  • Branding opportunities existing by allowing modifications in fonts, BG, borders, icons, and their colors
  • TAGs are possible for questions
  • Voting for questions
  • Social media integration

4. Magento 2 Testimonials Extension

Magento 2 Testimonials Extension

Testimonials are sure-fire ways to impress your shoppers that how you perform in the market and how much credit you had earned among your customers.

If you present your real and valid testimonials with true references, you can enhance your credibility in the eCommerce community as well.

In due course, Magento 2 Testimonial Extension module lets you monitor reviews and testimonial placed by your shoppers on a daily basis.

Thus, fresh inspirations for your Magento store visitors may prove sale booster for you and your online business using this extension.

It has some awesome features that you may like to know.

  • It has touch experience optimized OWL slider to display testimonial in impressive ways
  • You can choose any style out of 16 styles presets
  • It supports submission forms in the shape of a direct page or a popup
  • It shows off testimonials & ratings along with rich snippets to display on SERPs
  • Social media integration with star rating
  • With the support of widget, you can place block of testimonials in any place on your Magento store
  • Easy upload of images and videos like multimedia content on testimonial pages
  • It supports multiple stores in Magento
  • It is responsive and retina ready for mobile users

5. Blog Extension Magento 2

Blog Extension Magento 2

Today content marketing is rocking due to its awesome quality to please the shoppers/visitors of the website and search engines alike.

Magento allows integration of different CMS platforms including highly popular WordPress and Joomla blogs.

For Magento 2 stores this blog extension is capable of attracting and engaging the target audience in highly efficient ways.

Besides this, it has a number of useful features worth to know for eCommerce content marketers such as:

  • It offers five different layouts to choose, and its Magento Widgets let you display multiple layouts for your integrated blogs
  • Mobile friendly OWL Carousel
  • Supports multimedia content display
  • It supports multiple post styles including Archive, Author page, latest post, tag page, and search page
  • Supports tag cloud
  • Widgets for related post display
  • It lets you arrange posts in categories easily
  • Supports multiple comments type
  • Supports multiple color editing for background, fonts, borders, and so on
  • Allows showcase of author profile
  • Permits you to add like dislike buttons and social media integration

6. Magento 2 Mega Menu

Magento 2 Mega Menu

There are two most prevalent ways to find a product on the eCommerce stores including Magento. One is search feature with a search engine, which is highly preferred by tech-savvy users.

Another is traditional navigation schemes including the main menu that many love to use if it is user-friendly and intuitive in design or layout.

Since Magento eCommerce stores have a plenty of products to display, finding a product or category page using traditional menu schemes may prove daunting as it is against rules of SEO and UX when you go beyond three clicks.

In order to shorten the path on the menu, Magento eCommerce storefronts use intensive categorization techniques to speed up the search process. It ultimately leads to form a mega menu with numerous categories and sub-categories.

This extension is an ideal solution for the dynamic mega menu for quick product findings.

Its features aid a lot to secure high conversion rates.

  • Its menu builder widget has drag-and-drop interface for fast and quality menu creation processes
  • Options for horizontal as well as vertical menu
  • Mobile friendly responsive designs
  • Its supports different seven types of submenus such as
    • Default Category Listing
    • Dynamic Category Listing
    • Product Listing
    • Product Grid
    • Content
    • Anchor Text
    • Child menu
  • Let you style/modify CSS directly in design tab without editing CSS files for changing colors, width, icons, and positions
  • Can create infinitive numbers of menus as per need
  • Supports multiple animations
  • Supports widgets
  • Supports structure previews
  • Automatic data backup
  • Custom menus for mobile devices

7. Magento 2 Search Autocomplete

Magento 2 Search Autocomplete

As we have seen that Magento shoppers use either traditional navigation schemes like a mega menu or advanced search features like search field/bar with a search engine to find a desired product/s quickly, enhancing search feature may prove perfect for boosting your conversion rate further.

The built-in search features and functionality of Magento are falling short when the intricacies of a store are increasing with a big number of products.

Therefore, this extension can help your shoppers to get quick results using Ajax technologies and Magento search autocomplete features and functionality such as:

  • Search suggestions come as you type the characters of search query keywords
  • Ajax-based search engine works at lighting speed to display search results
  • Search autocomplete engine enabled
  • Can produce relevant suggestions
  • Suggestions for trending keywords
  • Mobile friendly and optimized search
  • Setup for filter categories to obtain quick results
  • Allows to customize appearance
  • Odd languages like right-to-left also have enough supports
  • Displaying add to cart buttons in search results

8. Magento 2 Order Tracking

Magento 2 Order Tracking

Once shoppers paid for the order, they are always keen to know the status of their shipped products and wish to see the order as early as possible because they are under stress.

The stress is usual because, in traditional brick stores, we exchange products with payments immediately and bring the purchased items without any delay.

Unfortunately, it is not the case in eCommerce shipping from a remote and unknown end. Therefore, real-time order tracking can help eCommerce to build the trust and win the loyalty of customers.

Hence, this extension can ease the order tracking process with real-time and spontaneous results.

9. Store Locator Magento 2 Extension

Store Locator Magento 2 Extension

If you have multiple stores across the geographies, this extension is highly useful to show your multiple stores on the map as well as shoppers can search stores using different parameters such as zip code, country, states, and so on.

Details & Direction links can give shoppers the details of the stores. Map features are awesome and provide all advanced parameters for a searcher to reach through various ways and by means from any location.

10. Shop by Brand Magento 2 Extension

Shop by Brand Magento 2 Extension

Many consumers are brand addicts and would like to purchase products by specifying the brands. Therefore, this extension allows them to search products by brands so Magento stores can earn brand loyalist as their online shop loyalists.

Admin can associate any product with brands and grant the brand attributes accordingly.


We know the market is flooding with paid and free Magento extensions and for Magento 2 finding the right ones are daunting. Therefore, this post helps Magento store owners to select the right choice for the excellent conversion, productivity, and performance of strategies to achieve success.

However, each online store has its bespoke needs and meeting those with customization of Magento need the help of experienced and expert hands. It is the team of Magento developers, which has the knack to find and customize right extensions for your Magento 2 eCommerce.

Therefore, it is advisable for you to exchange few words with the team and leverage their services at negligible rates in the market.

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