What Do You Think is the Next Big Thing in Web Design? Where is it Shifting?

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The web design world is constantly expanding. Every year, the web design industries come up with latest trends.

So, let's check out what's new this year!!

What Is The Next Big Thing In Web Design? Where Is It Shifting?

An Overview of Before & Current Trends

The mobile technology is definitely a game-changer by making a big evolution since last few years. Everything that you look for is now at your fingertips. You just need to scroll in order to find out your needful stuff. How easy it is!

Buzzing your mouse or trackpad for the desktops is not a new site these days.

In this era of mobile technology, people are more addicted to scrolling the websites for answers. This all is just because of the outstanding presentation of web designers. The images, typography and others are just right to meet the user needs.

This simply pops the question - How drastically have web design industries been changing? You can even see the live examples of the same at http://www.kodematix.com/.

In short, this year web designers emerged with some extraordinary techniques that can simply knock most of the past records.

So now let's sharp up the vision by knowing the trendiest styles for the upcoming year.

GIFs Need Your Full Attention

Undoubtedly, using GIFs in websites is cool & trendy. Frankly, any abusing GIFs and animations can hurt your website's User Experience (UX).

You should avoid using GIFs in wrong ways. Take a right way and you can bring your website to life by accenting important aspects which can ultimately take the design to the next levels.

According to a survey, GIFs or any animations show a deep understanding of design and give a sophisticated touch to any website. By including parallax effects on your website, you will become the coolest web designer.

Moreover, you can also create a 3D effect for the movement of GIFs or animations. This will continue to tell your overall story in a fascinating way.

The addition of GIFs will definitely work as a cherry on the top for your website. Just try it.

Think Out-of-the-Box with 3D Geometric Shapes

The idea behind this is to imitate real life objects to digital interfaces.

Let's take an example, of the notepad on the iPhone that looked like an actual notepad. Yet, it isn't that much cool.

Then, Flat Design came into the technical world to take over the web with minimalistic icons and strong color blocks with no reference to the actual world.

Finally, Google launched the Material Design and brought some fresh concepts to geometric shapes, by bringing in motion, shadows and boldness to the geometric style.

So, be ready with more and more visualizing appeal by 3D geometric shapes in website backgrounds and design support.

Use Flashy Typography

Indeed, typography has been in the market for a long time now and that's why so many web designers try to show their creativity and sink into make it better.

However, dealing with typographies is an art. The fact is, you should investigate the topic and learn as much as possible before dealing with this design tool.

Once you'll feel confident about your knowledge, start playing with colors, spacing and arranging, combine it with your images and mixing different fonts.

Go Edgy and Be the Art King

If you are the artistic person then you surely have noticed that more and more pop colors are coming up around the web. What's the reason? - well, it's time to welcome edgy art.

According to the nature and visual identity of your business, you might decide to use it or not.

But this is a fun and interesting trend that you should know. Isn't it too much cool?

Renovate Google Map

Today, most of the visitors are used to see the famous map with the red pin. They are habituated with that but also are seeking to for look something new and more fascinating.

Thus, it's time to change that.

A cool and fashionable design tip is to customize your map in a way that complements your design.

Bonus Tip

What do you want more? All these visual styles should fulfill your hunger. They're going to be the biggest hit in web design world. Wait & Watch!

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