The Inside Story for Developing a Successful eCommerce Website

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The eCommerce industry has made the process easy for shopping or accessing a webstore from anywhere in the world. You may be sitting at the one part of the globe and can access or shop from a store located at the other part.

As the internet is being accessed by so many people around the world, it makes to focus on your store in all the way.

The marketing and finance of the business may not be enough, and the design of your store may needs more attention as well. It is the first thing that online shoppers interact with.

The Inside Story for Developing a Successful eCommerce Website

The features and functionalities are the core of your store, and the design should also be connective and attractive for your customers.

So, let us see what the modern design trends incorporated in the webstores these days:

Homepage Details

Home page is the first page of your website which makes an interaction with your visitors and customers. However, it is important that your Homepage should be such that the visitors get impressed with it and proceed towards their shopping.

The homepage creates the shopping ambience for the visitors and customers. The layout, style, color combinations, contents and images leave the impression on the customers' mind.

To impress your visitors, you have to design your home page with some informative visuals and references. You can include the featured products or new arrivals on the homepage with a slider or some animation.

You can do whatever you like, but make sure that your audience gets the detailed information about the products or services you are selling to them.

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Responsive Layouts

The race for going responsive is kind of an endless game. Most of the eCommerce websites are also focussing on the mobile shoppers as their population is increasing gradually.

You may think of the old days, when people were creating and handling a separate website for mobile devices. It's true, but we cannot ignore the facts about the shopping being done using tablets, desktops and even TVs.

The question is, how would you handle a separate website for all of them?

However, to reduce your efforts and hassle of managing multiple sites, and reaching all the shoppers with different device usage, you should go for responsive themes or layouts .

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Large Category Lists

If you have wide range of products in different categories, it will be better to arrange them in right categories and subcategories on your store. This can create a well-organized category content and also make searching of products easy for your customers.

This way your customers find it easy and interactive to search a product of their choice and move to the next step of shopping. You can create your own ideas and layouts for displaying the products in different categories / subcategories.

Expandable Navigation

Usually, after landing on the home page, people start browsing for their desired products by navigating to different menus and categories.

All the customers want that the product searching should be the easiest task. So, the store menu should not contain lots of links.

Instead of creating various links, you should have the categories and products on an enlarged navigation rather than deeper one. These mega expandable menus and navigation can guide your customers to find the right products in fewer steps.

The ultimate benefit of the expandable navigation should be to reduce the number of clicks and hovers.

Quality Images and Content

In an online store, it is very difficult to sell things. This is because the customers cannot actually see, touch or check the functions of the products, but can only rely on the images or the product's description.

For this reason, it becomes really essential for the webstore owners to keep quality images and feature rich, effective and informative content on the product pages. The quality images and details contenst can help in driving traffic as well as increase in sale leads.

Effective Product Details

Only the quality images are not enough for generate leads but the content part should include all the important aspects of details like product name, price, stock, reviews, ratings, colours, product features etc., in an effective and impressive way.

Search Filters

There are stores that have large number of products with different variations, under almost every category. No doubt this gives more options to their customers but it also makes the specific product searching, a little difficult.

So, there should an option for the customers to narrow down their product search results. And this can be done by product filters.

You can create different filters as per the category such as type, gender, price range, color etc. which helps the customers to select various filters to eliminate the unwanted products from the entire category. This will results in helping your customers to choose their desired product from the filtered products.

Multiple Payment Choices

The customers may have different choices and demands. They like to shop when they have more convenience and options like more shipping methods, more variations, and more payments options etc.

Also their choice of payment may be different too. Some of them like to pay through their cards, few of them through net banking and many of them may want COD and so on.

So, it is best to offer as much payment options as you can. This also provides them with their choice of way to pay as per their convenience. Further, it also makes it easy for customers to purchase products or services via online stores / sites.

Distinctive Contact Us Page

You may have covered almost everything to make your store appear as the best but there will be certain things for which the customers would like to be in touch with you. This way they can know about the products and services offered by the company in a better way.

To make this happen, your site should have a 'Contact Us' page. This page should have different mode to get in touch with you such as a phone number to call you or text you, any social media channels or email address for leaving their queries etc. This actually will cause multiple queries and result in leads.

These are the latest design trends emerging in the eCommerce stores. You can make use of these trends to generate more leads and sales or you can also be creative and offer new features to make the shoppers experience better.

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