Is Shared Hosting a Good Choice for Your Startup Business?

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Online shopping sites are replacing the traditional modes of shopping. Thus, every business - small or big is realizing the importance of having an online presence, as it gives a wider reach to your brand.

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Once your business is online, there are various ways like social media marketing,content marketing etc. to build your brand awareness, gain fans, have ardent followers, who become leads and eventually your customers.

But, creating an online presence for a business is certainly not a doddle. Right from choosing a good domain name to deciding the right web hosting solution, everything needs to be well planned and executed.

One of the most favored hosting solutions for most SMBs is Shared Hosting.

Is Shared Hosting a Good Choice for Your Startup Business?

Shared hosting is like a piece of pie. Everyone is enjoying his share, but no one can eat the whole thing up. Technically, it is a server with shared resources among clients. Every user has his own set of resources like storage, bandwidth, CPU etc. but the entire server is multi-tenant in nature.

But, why shared hosting is a good option for startups? Or what factors make it a lucrative choice for those who want to grow their online business?

These are some questions that we will be answering through this write-up.

How Shared Hosting is Beneficial for Your Business?

Here are the five main points that explains why shared hosting can be a good choice for your startup.

1. A Highly Cost Effective Way to Kick Start Your Business

Unlike developed businesses, new or a growing businesses need to take care of several factors in order to climb up the success ladder. What they usually face is a low initial capital to run a business. Hence, they need a hosting solution which is affordable and provides them with economies of scale.

In shared web hosting, the resources are shared by a large number of users. This means that the cost of resources per user will be much less than paying individually for them.

For example, if you rent a room with 5 friends, the rent per head will be much less, than what you might pay if you solely rent it. Hence, by distributing the resources, it gives them to the users at much less and affordable costs than any other hosting solution.

2. No Need of Technical Expertise

A startup does not usually comprise highly trained technical staff. So, it needs a hosting solution that will not put the burden of managing the resources on it.

In shared hosting, the user will not face any difficulty of managing the server. The technically skilled staff of the hosting provider will manage the server and its resources completely.

Thus, you get ample time to focus on your core business and relegate the issues related to the hosting service to the provider.

3. Easy Management

The resources in a shared hosting environment are used by multiple users. But this does not mean that it will be non-flexible.

The user has a control panel like Plesk Onyx to manage every resource and manage his website. It is very beneficial as it gives them the flexibility of managing a number of features like uploading files, adding images, checking website stats, and much more.

Thus, with shared hosting, you can still manage your website according to your needs.

4. Scalability

The resources in shared hosting can be increased or decreased as per your shared hosting plan. When you plan a website for your new business, you are not sure about the expected traffic.

Here, shared hosting's variety of plans will give you the flexibility to switch plans and increase resources based on your traffic demand.

5. Operational Efficiency

Shared hosting resources have the ability to meet the efficiency requirement of growing businesses.

Server and bandwidth here are the key determiners of efficiency. High bandwidth will help you run your business in a better way.

Shared hosting servers also deliver bandwidth and storage as per the need of your business.


The choice of shared hosting completely depends upon your business requirement. It is particularly helpful for SMBs and startups who are willing to set their position in the market.

By choosing a shared hosting platform, they can easily set up their business online without much investment and technical expertise.

Hence, if you are also up with an idea of setting up your own online endeavor, then you can think of going for a shared hosting platform.

Looking for Shared Hosting? If you are in search of shared hosting at affordable price, you can try BlueHost that offers both hosting services as well as domain name registration.

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