How to Expand and Measure Digital Marketing: A Complete 2017 Strategy

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Everyone wants to succeed and expand in the rivalry of digital marketing. Of course, it is possible; the only thing it needs is an investment of your time and dedication. What all you need is to make persistent efforts and implement various strategies to reach the top.

Once you reach on top, your job gets even tougher. Now, you need to put in extra efforts to stay on top and expand your online presence. This can be done by constantly upgrading skills and strategies.

Let us move to digital marketing arena. A digital marketing strategy comprises SEO, SMO, paid search, content marketing, and many other aspects.

How to Expand and Measure Digital Marketing: A Complete 2017 Strategy

To expand and measure your digital marketing, you need to audit your digital marketing strategy and make necessary improvements on a constant basis.

However, on the basis of the audit, you will be able to evaluate where exactly you stand in the digital marketing. You need such audit for multiple reasons. The scenarios include, but not limited to:

  • Bounce rates optimization
  • CTR improvement in email marketing
  • Stability and Boost in web traffic
  • Enhancement of social media presence
  • Achievement of sales target
  • Establish ideal balance between paid search and organic search

Growth is always followed by challenges. As they say, the bigger your challenges, the bigger your growth opportunities.

To grow more your digital marketing, you need to overcome if not all, then most of all existing challenges and be prepared for any probable challenges.

Devise Your Perfect Success Strategy for 2017 by Handling These Digital Marketing Challenges.

You need to understand the challenges before you devise your strategy.

Prior preparation helps to overcome all existing and probable challenges or else you may whirl for ages without knowing what exactly is going wrong and why you are not getting desired results on your campaign.

Impact of Campaign in 2017

1. Explore Benefits of the Internet of Things:

Consumers, nowadays, are moving towards Internet of Things (IoT) which keeps all their info in a designated place to ease their shopping.

Latest developments under IoT include smart watches, home robots, virtual reality headsets, and virtual assistants. Most of the brands have yet not taken full advantage of these recent technological advancements. Consider IOT while you devise your digital marketing campaign.

Think how marketing will be done on a smart watch, and accordingly plan your virtual; advertisements.

Remember, these advanced technologies are emerging rapidly, and digital marketers hardly have time to preserve.

As a brand, stay aware of the latest technologies and change and adapt those for your gain.

2. Beware of Cyber Threat:

Along with growing technologies and advancements, hackers and spammers are also growing.

On one hand, experts are coming up with ways to block the latest cyber attacks. On the other hand, hackers and spammers are coming up with new tactics to get in.

They have two-fold destructive effects, harm your site as well as make users more suspicious of your marketing. With the help of virus, they perform scam and spoil your overall digital marketing campaign and put you in a bad light.

Cyber Thread in Social Media

You need to keep an eye on the software you use for your site. Your ad campaign should be spam free and malware free. With the help of strong brand marketing, build the trust of your customers and keep them engaged with your brand to win their confidence in you.

Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has taken major steps to identify and eradicate fraudulent traffic - and the stock it creates - from the advertising pool.

As part of the "Anti-Fraud Principles," IAB has developed a categorization that establishes ordinary definitions, such as, "Hijacked Device," "Data-Center Traffic," "AdWare Traffic," "Proxy Traffic," "Ad Tag Hijacking," "Cookie-Stuffing," and more.

This categorization will assure that all parties in a transaction are using the same terms and have a shared understanding of anti-fraud efforts.

3. Pay Attention to Your Customers:

Undoubtedly, each of the marketing and advertising effort is taken by considering customer into central focus.

However, with the sudden increase of obtainable data, the need to personalize these experiences has also gained momentum.

According to a Report from IDG Connect and Aviation, More than 40 Percent of Marketers Can't Draw Insights from Harvested Data.

Just to create a profile and display in front of the audience is not enough. What precisely you need is to create it for the Specific Person who is looking at either your blog post or your ad.

Of course, at first glance it does look challenging. However, no worries, tools are available in the market to make your challenge manageable.

Pay Attention to the customer

Software called CodeFuel offers In-tag to assist you to provide relevancy. It puts the right content in front of the right reader at the right time.

The software relies on user-intent signals which are derived from what the user is searching for, what sites s/he has visited, and what sort of actions s/he has taken on those sites.

The greatest advantage you can cash is more and quality engagement for the content.

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4. Exercise Multiple Channels:

Exercise more and more channels to strengthen and expand your digital marketing. Do not restrict yourself to limited or preferred channels only. A lot many new channels are introduced which makes it hard for digital marketers to sustain.

Exercise Multiple Channels

Take an example of Snapchat, it commenced as an innovation for youth and was mostly overlooked by brands in initial days. And today, almost everyone extensively uses it to reach consumers.

According to a research, more than 50% of marketers are using 5 to 10 technology platforms and another 30% use 11 to 16 platforms

Brands will need to have a system in place to identify new channels immediately and to quickly evaluate them to determine if a strategy needs to be put in place. You can't be on every channel, but you also shouldn't be that business that waited too long to get on Twitter.

This means having a team in place whose responsibility it is to conduct ongoing research and to identify new channels and trends. If you don't have this in place, you need to do so this year.

Along with Facebook Messenger and Snapchat, Chatbots will also make it easier for brands to engage with users.

Apple's recent update of iMessage enables users to instate app actions instantly from the platform, such as booking an Uber ride from inside a conversation.

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With lot many challenges and opportunities around, it is important that you stay aware of all happenings as a marketer. Accordingly, you can develop a strategy where you can measure and expand your digital marketing footprint.

The online landscapes are changing rapidly. It is the right time to revisit your existing strategy and get ready to learn more & earn more in 2017.

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