How Video Marketing Can Transform Your Funnel

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With the characteristics of tempting huge traffic to the website, most of the business owners and companies take advantage of Video marketing that totally swallowing up the marketplace.

Video marketing might be beneficial as the video goes viral across the web , huge traffic is anticipated to flood the website with more users results in sales and revenues for business profit.

How Video Marketing Can Transform Your Funnel

Video marketing is an innovative way to grab attention and build relationship by telling stories to the new audiences.

How Are You Leveraging Video Marketing for Your Audience?

Video marketing can be done in various forms depending on the story you want to tell whether it is to advertise your services or delivering information.

Go Live on Social Media:

Live videos get immediate reactions, so if you want to promote or announce something then you can go live on your company's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat feed.

To keep users interested and engaged, put snippets of information on social media platforms. Live videos can become face for your business.

Develop a strategy by picking an appropriate channel, attract audience and increase followers. Know your audience and deliver a content that engage them in one-on-one conversation.

Utilize Video Advertisements:

You can capture attention of users in brief by boosting and displaying video advertisements that allows you to target audiences in your niche.

Add a short segment of your brand in video content in front of viewers who are looking for video content is a great way to promote your business. Make sure you display call to action in beginning and end of the video as well.

Keep your videos short and presentable that can spread a clear message to users that you want to deliver. To increase conversion rates, start your video with compelling images.

Videos in Email Campaigns:

To get more clicks add a word [VIDEO] in the subject line as it increases click-through rate.

Always remember that your video must include product description or demonstrations, event promotions and customer testimonials.

Videos on Important Landing Pages:

Increase conversions by embedding an interactive video on your landing page. Viewers will retain your message and prefer to watch video instead of resizing text on your landing page.

Make sure you embed video by keeping your brand strategy in your mind and try to find out what audiences looking for.

Video Analytics to Guide Your Strategy:

Use advanced video analytics before investing for the video content creation as it helps you to figure out how you can engage visitors with your videos and can track insightful measures like impressions, total views per viewer, play rates, referral sources and device types.

You can use most popular tool i.e. YouTube Insights which provides you playback locations, traffic sources, demographics, audience retention and more. Wistia is also a good tool that tracks engagement directly with your videos.

For brand awareness purpose, use Brandwatch that can deliver key insights of user's opinions.

Produce & Create Interactive Videos for Your Audience:

Mostly people tend to watch short videos or commercials rather than watching long YouTube videos. So to engage users you can create additional content in the video to retain their focus, add clickable URLs and also create survey.

Interactive Videos gain more conversions, view longer and also shared on social media platforms. Gather insights, generate qualified customers and interact with the audiences and provide them a personalized experience.


Video marketing is smartest and powerful platform that gives you an opportunity to market your business by taking the right approach and convey your clear message in front of the targeted audiences.

To get better results using video marketing through your marketing funnel, you must think creatively and create a content that is helpful to audience. All these practices will surely make your brand stand out in the crowd.

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