Top 10 Mobile App Marketing Resources and Strategies to Boost Sales

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The world of mobile apps is in a continuous growth. What you may expect today, may give you some wild profits in the coming time. On that note, having a strategy for mobile app marketing is pivotal considering the humongous opportunities it has to offer.

As the rising number of smartphone owners have scaled the market opportunities equally, it is no bad to ask or strategize for app marketing that works prolifically.

But here comes the call from where to find the mobile app marketing strategies that work like magic? Well, of course, everyone would want that.

Top 10 Mobile App Marketing Resources

But internet is quite a puzzle at times!!

There are not one, but hundreds, or thousands of strategies as offered by marketing gurus, but whom to trust or recline for success?

As always, we have got you covered. So, here after doing all the legwork we have selected some major mobile app marketingresources that are trusted by a successful mobile app development company for some legit work further. Here we go:

1. Kissmetrics Blog

Kissmetrics Blog

This has been one perfect platform for serving the needs that come with apprehensions and obscurity. This has been all the rage and offers some great marketing tips.

Having made their mark as one reputable online marketing company, they offer a ton of useful resources for all things marketing.

They have a different section for mobile marketing and could really be of high use. For resources that could make a difference right away to your mobile app marketing, you should definitely not give Kissmetrics a miss.

2. Apptamin


Coming to the next resource for your mobile app marketing stride, we have figured Apptamin doing their every bit. With app promotional videos, marketing strategies this is a real dive for marketers to look for.

This platform offers bountiful of resources to grow your app, market it, and even build it into a meteoric success.

This blog has all things useful for app developers and marketers right from blogs on relevant topics to the amazing video and marketing content they have.

3. AppTweak


For those oblivion minds, an ultimate resource that backs every now and then with some useful content and strategies is AppTweak. The part where it helps incredibly is for App store optimisation.

We all know it now, every successful marketing strategy confines an approach in hand.

For instance, if you focus on just one area and neglect other crucial aspects, everything altogether goes in vain. Therefore, an app marketing strategy that covers all is backed by this app marketing resource platform.

4. Arkenea


In a world that is still nascent to many, having a resource for marketing is crucial. The resource should be trusted and legit and therefore, Arkenea fits right in this stride.

This has been one place offering deep insights about mobile app development and has tremendously cut down the time in making one by huge numbers.

They have attained a place for all things mobile related and mobile app marketing is no exception.

For deep insights about app development and app marketing, you should definitely check Arkenea as a trustful resource.

5. App Business Podcast

App Business Podcast

If blogs are not only the resource you would like to head to, why not podcasts? Podcasts have been innumerably useful and provide great insights via a different medium other than blogs.

The app business podcasts are for beneficial and help in making a great work for all those who are in need for some amazing advice in app marketing and content related.

6. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine

This has been another resource that has traditionally been serving UI/UX designers. But yes, that is just a story!!

This magazine covers it all. Right from design, development and marketing topics to putting a light on topics those are untouched. This has been quite a place for every aspiring marketer.

So, for design trends, analytics and marketing knowledge, one can head to this magazine for some serious knowledge in place.

7. App Promo

App Promo

The name says it all; App Promo is one promising platform to boost your app marketing game. It is focused on some proven tactics to boost your app visibility and some useful tactics.

They have answers or for that matter blogs or articles on anything you have asked for.

So, if you have a doubt or piles of doubts and need some light to be thrown on your grey area, you can head to this platform and get the best advice and write ups to sort out all the queries.

It is worth all your time as a trusted mobile app marketing resource.

8. Fiksu


It is simple to say for this "data fueled mobile marketing". It is not that other reliable resources of mobile app marketing do not stick to a data-driven approach, they do, but Fiksu is all things different.

They have a deep expertise specifically on a data-driven approach. Not to forget, Fiksu works with a huge number of clients and offers services focussed on user acquisition and re-engagement strategies.

Well, the above two elements on which Fiksu works are quintessential in mobile app marketing. After all, working on engaging the previous customers is also a part of successful mobile app marketing strategy.

9. Apptology


We got you covered back and forth and understand that mobile app development and mobile app marketing goes hand in hand. Both play an equally important role in the overall success.

For an easy, quick and actionable game plan, one can definitely head to Apptology and implement an effective marketing gameplan.

They have sharp eyes on what is coming in and have prepared themselves beforehand for letting the audience know over the same. With their good experience, know-how and credibility, one can trust this place for everything app related.

10. App Annie

App Annie

App Annie is another powerhouse packed resource to eye for. Not only it advises one for some fruitful mobile app marketing strategy but also focuses on the mobile app industry as a whole. They have eyes on the actions that give effective ROI and guide many to implement strategies having true potential.

Aside from marketing strategy, for the latest industry trends to everything actionable that may come, it has got it all covered. Therefore, for latest developments, industry trends and new technologies to relate to, App Annie has everything in store for you.

So, We're Saying

Mobile app development is growing seamlessly but not everything that has been made is likely to get the entire buzz. For that, eye on strategies and plans that take the number high and of course reliable resources are a must in this race.

So, we have provided some legit names from the industry that could be of big help. Use it and power your app marketing game.

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