How WordPress Helps in Content Marketing

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Earlier in 1996, Bill Gates predicted that in the coming years CONTENT will become incredibly important for businesses. And yes, he was right, "The Content is king".

A successful content requires its marketing which is commonly referred as "Content Marketing", a popular term used in business and marketing world.

How WordPress Helps in Content Marketing

In this internet driven era, WordPress has an undeniable position when it comes to content marketing. But first, let's understand some tenets of Content Marketing.

Content Marketing

The act of using online content to attain marketing goal is content marketing. This act also includes distributing content which can retain an online audience. The goal of content marketing is to engage the audience with a brand and drive profit.

Some facts which will give you a fair idea why content marketing is important:

  • 57% of marketer gives #1 priority to content marketing.
  • 86% of businesses use content marketing.
  • In a comparison of traditional marketing methods, it can generate 3X as many leads.

For more in-depth information about the content marketing, I would recommend you to go through these links.

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The Relevance of WordPress in Content Marketing

We all are aware of what WordPress can do. Many pundits actually consider WordPress as the ultimate weapon for marketing in terms of content.

Even more, it also helps in strategizing the content. Well, they are not wrong. WordPress gives you so many features and plugins that make content marketing incredibly simple.

Let's have a look at what you can do with content marketing when WordPress is on your side.

1. Organizing Content Marketing Strategy

The very first step for a marketing strategy is planning. No business professional would go for a strategy blindly. And when it comes to content strategy, WordPress spawn you with some perfect tools such as Editorial Calendar, Edit Flow, and Coschedule.

With these tools on your side, planning the strategy of a content marketing campaign becomes easy, manageable and smooth. Let's demonstrate these types of tools.

Picking up "Editorial Calendar" for the task. This tool can help you to provide the big picture view of everything in work, which can help you to organize things in better way. This tool enables you to see all posts in one place which makes the organizing much easier. With this WordPress marketing plugin, you can edit posts right in the calendar and manage the posts of multiple authors.

Just like Editorial Calendar all the tools make planning easier. With Edit Flow, users can define custom statuses for posts such as ‘Needs edit', ‘Ready to Publish' etc. These plugins range from free to $10 per month.

The paid one such as Coschedule even provides you more advanced content strategy tools such as social media post scheduling, workflow management, and promotion management.

2. Content Creation

To achieve success in content creation, WordPress can help you little but effectively. Creating content is mostly on the knowledge of the writer. Most of the times as a writer you must bear in mind that you are writing to boost traffic and engagement on your website . This can be achieved by sticking to the topic, providing useful information and blah blah blah.

However, you can use WordPress to create engaging content despite the fact that it doesn't help when it comes to creating it. Still, it can help you to curate it in the right form.

Consider using CM Curated List Manager, as it can help you to create content with links organized in categories and subcategories. A custom curated list is a useful resource for a reader and with tooltip description; category organization, checkboxes and much more can be very helpful in creating an engaging content.

If you want you can also create a fun quiz to your website by 'Buzzfeed'. So, actually, WordPress can give you a perfect tool to create your content engaging.

3. Building an Email List

Now, you have created content and now you need readers to read it, right? This is where email marketing and social media campaigning comes in. Through email marketing, businesses can directly send the content to those who have shown interest or completed a purchase.

But before that, you must first build an email list or in other words, leads. This can be achieved by a message that inspires your audiences to signup, generally known as call-to-actions (CTAs). And believe me; a subscription box with a strong CTA can create miracles.

This where WordPress provide you with ultimate tools that are crucial for lead generations. But for this strategy to work, the content should be attractive, actionable and fulfill a need of your target audience.

WordPress gives you so many tools for this sole purpose. They are effective and can actually bolster your email list.

Lead Generation Plugins such as OptinMonster, SumoMe, and CM Popup Banners. So, if you want subscribers for your content you will find WordPress incredibly beneficial.

4. Sharing Content on Social Media

Social media has an irrefutable relevance in the content marketing realm.

Social media has become a valuable asset in spreading the marketing goal via online content. It gives you a very effective platform to build an audience or even potential customer. It helps in directing traffic to your website and increase website conversions.

WordPress offers many Social Media Plugins that will enable your reader to share the content on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and much more.

This is very crucial for a social media campaign to enable your user to share your content on social media. For these purposes, AddtoAny Share Buttons offered by WordPress has been very effective.

Social Warfare plugin even goes further to provide and manage the share analytics of your post.

5. Analysis

You cannot imagine completing your content marketing strategy without analyzing it. So, WordPress spawns you with content analysis plugins for the task and helps you achieve your marketing goals in the much effective way.

WordPress Marketing Plugins such as Google Analytics Dashboard for WP and Better Google Analytics helps you to achieve your marketing niches with solid data analysis of your web page traffic.

So, believe it or not, WordPress is famous because it is multitasking and it covers every single aspect when it comes to marketing the content.

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