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  • Design Guidelines to Deliver Mobile Apps With Rich UX

    Design Guidelines to Deliver Mobile Apps With Rich UX

    Sohel AtherComments

    As we all know that a good and attractive UX design can make a huge difference that will bring more downloads of the application as you have expected in the mind. However, the ever-changing world of technology and the niche of Mobile User Experience respectively, making the effective mobile design harder day-by-day. […]

  • 10 Best Tools For Rapid Application Development - App Development Tools

    10 No-Code & Low-Code Tools For Rapid Application Development

    Kaushal ShahComments

    There's no end to debates and discussions when it comes to choosing a tool for faster application development. Enterprises have a ton of options including native application tools, the power of HTML5 / JavaScript / CSS3 technologies, and hybrid development platforms […]

  • 8 Major Challenges of Mobile App Testing

    8 Major Challenges of Mobile App Testing

    Alvina GuptaComments

    Mobile apps have been a game changer for various industries who aim to automate their business processes and improve work efficiency. Be it enterprise applications or consumer applications, mobile apps open up numerous gateways for increasing revenues, boost reach-ability and reduce costing. […]

  • checklist to test newely developed mobile apps

    Checklist for Testing Your Newly Developed Mobile App

    Sani Abdul JabarComments

    It costs quite a bit to test a mobile app in terms of time and money. However, it's critical to make sure you know that your users will have a positive experience with your app. This is especially true when it comes to a mobile app primarily because testing must be carried out across all devices […]

  • default image

    10 Do-It-Yourself Platforms To Develop Your Own Mobile App

    Gaurav SharmaComments

    With the ever increasing technological advancements, the need to be technically updated has over-grown. In this era, where mobiles are much more convenient than desktops, the need for an application has taken over the need for a website. […]

  • default image

    5 Unheard of Mobile Web Designing Techniques

    Kristy BernalesComments

    After the advancements in web designing techniques and arrival of newer technology, web designing for mobile phones h as come a long way. Nowadays it is difficult for even an expert to tell the difference between a native mobile app and a mobile website. With the arrival new smart phones powered with newer operating systems like the Android lollipop 5.0 the ga […]

  • ios8 table design

    A Detailed Insight Into Self-Sizing Table Cells in iOS8

    Emily HemingComments

    UITableView is an inseparable part of every iOS development project. Ever since the introduction of iOS, UITableView has been the key component of the visual design process. With UITableView development practices being the key to mastering the cell reuse; it is quite crucial for an iOS app developer to acquaint himself with all the proven techniques of deve […]