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  • 12 Must-Read WordPress Design Tips and Tricks

    12 Must-Read WordPress Design Tips and Tricks

    Patrick Del RosarioComments

    WordPress is well-known for its adaptability and a wide range of options for customization especially for design, which is a vital factor for every web development project. With so many options for your theme like changing colours, fonts, images […]

  • 3 Ways to Pull Off a Dark Web Design Elegantly

    3 Ways to Pull Off a Dark Web Design Elegantly

    Emily ReifferComments

    Here are images of some of the most widely visited sites in the world. In terms of web design, these sites all use black text with a white background. Even some of the largest retailers including Amazon and Apple implement lighter backgrounds in their site design. […]

  • web design trends for 2017 and coming year

    7 Booming Web Design Trends for 2017

    Narendra SinghComments

    Web designing trends have an impact on how the customers reach at your business and thus, play a vital role in company's growth. These trends signalize new technologies, introduce new methods and possibilities that give you the potential to lead to the competition. […]

  • 5 Website Design Errors To Avoid Before Launch

    5 Website Design Errors to Avoid Before Launch

    Abegail Louise AcostaComments

    There are a lot of different factors to consider as a web designing professional. One of the most important things to remember while designing website is to always check your website for errors and debug your work, ensuring that your website is free of any design errors before launch. […]

  • Quick Tips for Web Design That You Need to Follow in 2017

    Quick Tips for Web Design That You Need to Follow in 2017

    Jessica AlbaComments

    Gone are the days when websites were merely used as a ground for your existence. It is more than that now. Through it, you can efficiently communicate with your users and take the engagement level to a whole new level. […]

  • FavIcon Generator

    13 Extremely Useful Online Tools for Web Developers

    Mike SmithComments

    Below, you'll find 13 Extremely Useful Free Online Tools for your Web Design and Development projects. If you are a developer you will love these free online web applications. […]

  • Imitation

    14 Free Handwritten Fonts for Web Designers

    Mike SmithComments

    Typography is a combination of font, size, spacing, and color. It is one of the important aspects of any web design project. […]