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Popular Computer and Internet Terms Starting with Letter S

Definitions of popular computer and Internet terms starting with letter S. Browse easy to understand terms and definitions related to Internet, computers and technology.

  • SDSL

    Stands for "Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line." SDSL is a type of of DSL, which […]

  • Search Engine

    A (usually web-based) system for searching the information available on the […]

  • SEO

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means the practice of designing web pages so […]

  • Server

    A server is a computer that handles requests for data, e-mail, file transfers, […]

  • Shareware

    Software that is offered for free download in hopes that the user will decide […]

  • SMTP

    An acronym for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, SMTP is the protocol used for […]

  • Software

    A computer program, which provides the instructions which enable the computer […]

  • Spam

    To send a message or advertisement to a large number of people who did not […]

  • Spider

    A software program that "crawls" the Web, searching and indexing Web pages to […]

  • SSID

    Known as Service Set Identifier - A service set identifier is used to name a […]

  • SSL

    Stands for Secure Sockets Layer - A protocol designed by Netscape […]

  • Stopword

    Stopwords are very commonly used words that are normally excluded from […]