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WTH Loyalty Program and Reward Points System

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Welcome to our referral reward point system that we have launched to say thanks for spreading the word. Now, whenever you invite your friends, family and coworkers to WTH, you’ll earn points that you can use towards Premium subscriptions, cash back and more.

Earn up to 150 Points ($0.15) just as a sign up bonus. Join FREE and Start Earning ($$$)

Once joined, you can keep on accumulating points through contribution, engagement, reference and doing promotional activities.

1. Different Ways to Earn Points (Earn More $$$)

As a member, you can earn lot more points by doing the following activities.

Need more points? Invite your friends to earn referral bonus. Check out the details below.

2. Refer Friends and Start Earning More Points

If you refer users to join WTH you will earn referral bonus points.

  • Direct Referral Bonus50 pointsFor each direct referral member(s). i.e. you refer a member (Level 1).More details...
  • Indirect Referral Bonus5 pointsFor each indirect referral member(s). i.e. for members that your members refer (Level 2).More details...

Inviting your friends to WTH is easy. Login to your account to go to your profile details to grab the referral link. Then, invite friends via email, Facebook, Twitter, or by copying and pasting your unique referral link anywhere your friends will see it. You’ll receive Referral Points when your friends sign up through your link.

Earn Reward Points - Flow Chart

Bonus: As an added advantage, just for signing up through your link, your friends and colleagues will get more points as joining bonus compared to if they join without any reference.

2.1 - How can I Earn Referral Points?

We offer you up to 50 points for each member you refer (after they have been verified) on top of an exclusive two down line referral level of points earning.

2.2 - Downline

Not only can you earn from the members you refer, but you can also earn a percentage on your referral down line!

  • For the members that you have referred, you earn 50 points after they have been verified. (Direct Referral)
  • For members that your members refer, you receive 5 points for each verified member. (Indirect Referral)

2.3 - How the System Works

The following is the breakdown of how the points are awarded. Let's see an example when user 'A' joined and invites user 'B', who invites user 'C'

Become A Member (Earn Joining Bonus Points)

User 'A' has joined WTH and rewarded with 100 points as a sign up bonus. If 'A' has used an existing member ID as reference while joining, 'A' will get 150 points instead.

Once 'A' has joined, he/she can refer someone (like their friends, family members, ..) to earn more points. e.g.

Downline - Level 1 (Earn Direct Referral Bonus Points)

'A' as member invites someone 'B' for joining. Once 'B' has joined..

'A' will have 150 (for being a referred member) + 50 (for referring 'B') = 200 points.
'B' will have 100 (just for joining) + 50 (as being a referred user) = 150 points
(In case B has just joined directly without using any reference ID, he/she will only get 100 points as joining bonus)

Next if your referred member has invited someone to join, you still will get reward points as added benefit. e.g.

Downline - Level 2 (Earn Indirect Referral Bonus Points)

Member 'B' invites another user 'C' for joining. Once 'C' has joined..

'A' will have 200 (from level 1) + 5 (Referral bonus as 'C' was referred by 'B') = 205 points.
'B' will have 150 (from level 1) + 50 (for referring 'C') = 200 points
'C' will have 100 (just for joining) + 50 (as being a referred user) = 150 points

2.4 - A Big Picture

Earn Reward Points - Flow Chart

Let's take a practical example to see how much it could be worth to you:

Suppose you as a member 'A' invite 10 people who join:

Your Direct referral points = 10 x 50 (for each direct member) = 500 points
Each of your members refers 10 more members, means total 100 indirect members earn you = 100 x 5 = 500 points
Totaling 1000 points.

Now if that figure goes from 10 users to 20 users, your earning jumps drastically to 3000 points

3. Bonus Points

Bonus points are offered to our users from time to time based on random selection, surveys, feedback, loyalty based (conduct and behavior), based on the engagement history, contribution, spreading the word and more.

Earn High Bonus Points

Climb the reward points leaderboard for your chance to win high/frequent bonus points. The more you share or contribute, the higher you can climb and have a better chance of earning bonus points.

4. Redeem Your Points - What are the points worth?

Following is the breakdown of how you can redeem your points.

  • 500 points = 7 days premium membership (worth $3.95)
  • 900 points = 30 days premium membership (worth $9.95)
  • 1000 points = 1 year premium directory listing (worth $9.95)
  • 1600 points = 60 days premium membership (worth $15.95)
  • 2400 points = 90 days premium membership (worth $19.95)
  • 5000 points = 1 lifetime premium directory listing (worth $49.95)
  • 10000 points = Deposit $10 in your PayPal Account.
  • Buy Ad Spots You can also use your points in Buying Ad Spots depends upon where you want to place your ad.

Join FREE and Start Earning ($$$)

How do I earn points (details) ?


  1. You can use WTH Reward Points at any time. WTH Points may expire after 1 years of no points activity in your WTH account.
  2. All these points and rewards are non-transferable.
  3. If you attempted to manipulate the system, your account will be banned.
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