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What is Premium Membership?

Free Vs. Premium Membership Plans
Feature Free Membership Premium Membership
Hide Ads

Toggle ads on and off as per your choice.

Not Available Available
Hide Bookmarking/Sharing Links

Toggle bookmarking/sharing links on and off.

Not Available Available
Hide Comments

Hide comments as per your choice.

Not Available Available
Hide Tool Usage Counts

Hide info bar showing how many times a tool has been used.

Not Available Available
Quick Fonts Download

Show direct links in fonts section.

Not Available Available
Catalog: Quick Navigation

Show direct links in catalog section.

Not Available Available
Design News: Quick Navigation

Show direct links in design news section (logged in mode).

Available Available
Brand Free Tools

Add brand free tools to your website. No link back is required.

Not Available Available
Extended Query Limit

10x times more queries than the free ones.

10 queries/hr 100 queries/hr
Block Third Party Access

You can block your sites from others to test using these tools.

Not Available Available
Earn Reward Points

Earn reward points by referring friends or contributing to site.

Available Available
Register Register
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