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30 Creative and Impressive Print Ads

Mike | Jan 12, 6:36 PM | 1842, 38 | Graphic Design

Ad makers works really hard to create ads which can grab consumers attention. Design ad is not an

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Create a 3D Opera Logo

Mike | Jul 11, 6:26 AM | 1400, 46 | Tutorials

Hi there. In this week’s tutorial I will show you how to create a 3D Opera logo. You will start

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30 Free High-Quality Business Card Templates

Mike | Mar 01, 7:58 AM | 940, 44 | Graphic Design

As we already Know , the business card remains one of the most effective ways of promoting yourself

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25 Creative Ideas of Public Interest Ads

Mike | May 03, 12:24 PM | 18206, 31 | General

In this post we have collected here are some of the most eye-catching public interest ads, which

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Piwik : réduire le volume des tables

Dsfc | Jan 09, 11:33 AM | 581, 9 | Tutorials

Piwik est un script Php qui constitue une réelle alternative à Google Analytics. Il exige toutefois

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7 Free Emoji Apps for iOS

NetKit | Mar 17, 11:46 PM | 895, 17 | General

In this post we have colected 7 applications which enable the Emoji keyboard giving access to

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Free Website Template for Airlines Company

Mike | May 11, 1:23 PM | 3320, 246 | Promos

Here is a Free Website Template for Airlines Company that is developed especially for your websites

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Best Free PSD Website Templates Of February 2011

Mike | Mar 03, 5:03 AM | 1827, 116 | Web Design

Best free PSD Website Templates for free download listed below. I hope you like these fresh and

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Cool T-Shirt Designs That Designers Would Love

Philip | Jul 05, 1:34 AM | 863, 10 | Graphic Design

A while ago I posted an article where you could download Blank T-Shirt Vector Templates and now

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60+ Useful Photoshop Actions, Brushes and PSDs to Download

Mike | Jan 19, 8:42 PM | 1225, 34 | Graphic Design

In this collection I tried to collect some of the useful Photoshop resources such as Photoshop

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20 Best WordPress eCommerce Themes June 2014

wbtechelp | Jul 10, 11:51 AM | 161, 5 | Web Design

Thinking to build a WordPress eCommerce website ? Then you have landed on the right web page! This

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55+ Premium Responsive WordPress Themes 2014

wbtechelp | Jul 10, 11:51 AM | 163, 2 | Web Design

Maybe you are already having a website and thinking to change your current theme to a responsive

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Download Free PNG, ICO Format Icon

FPD | Jun 24, 3:30 AM | 1351, 50 | Graphic Design

Free PNG icons from, Free Icons are the basic requirement of any web related

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30 Adorable Animal Photography Examples | Digital Photography Shots

Mike | Jan 10, 6:54 PM | 699, 7 | Photography

Animal Photography is probably the toughest type of photography. Partly because you can’t actually

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35 Extraordinary “End of The World” Inspired Artworks

Philip | Jun 23, 12:32 AM | 861, 20 | Graphic Design

All the time people were curious about when the world end will be? What will happen then? One of

via Bury Tags: art, design, graphics, photos

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