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55 Best Dribbble Freebies of December 2014

Debb905 | Jan 02, 4:48 PM | 173, 0 | Graphic Design

Dribbble is great community when it comes to find best freebies. So, we have researched and found

via theneodesign.com Bury Tags: best dribbble freebies, best dribbble freebies 2014, best freebies 2014, best psd freebies 2014

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Best Customer Relationship Management Software for 2015

Debb905 | Jan 06, 3:24 AM | 193, 2 | Tools

The top CRM applications(2014-2015) which can be considered as an excellent choice are mentioned

via devzum.com Bury

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Best Code Editors for Android Developers 2015

Debb905 | Jan 10, 3:27 AM | 189, 1 | Tools

We have prepared a list of some of the best code editors, which you can use, and download, and

via devzum.com Bury Tags: mobile, editors, android, code editors

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Top 5 Tips to Create Effective Banner Design

Debb905 | Jan 15, 1:47 PM | 165, 1 | Graphic Design

Banners have been a traditional source of information but to bring the customers a business

via designhill.com Bury Tags: graphic design, banners, banner design

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Easy Tools To Create Your Website Without Codes

Debb905 | Jan 15, 1:47 PM | 155, 4 | Web Design

Generally, people need simple web pages to impart some information. Fortunately, due to the free

via designhill.com Bury Tags: tools, web development, website design, web design tools

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Top 20 Best PHP Frameworks for PHP Developers in 2015

Debb905 | Jan 15, 1:47 PM | 165, 1 | Web Design

PHP is the most celebrated as well as an influential platform which the web developers are eager to

via developerslane.com Bury Tags: web development, frameworks, php developers, php frameworks

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How to Display Social Share Counts in WordPress as Text

Debb905 | Jan 20, 1:43 PM | 207, 0 | Web Design

To display the share count of a social network in a WordPress post or page, embed the shortcode of

via designmodo.com Bury Tags: code, wordpress, plugins, snippets, social share count

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Fresh Free Fonts and Typefaces from January 2015

Debb905 | Jan 31, 1:30 AM | 190, 3 | Graphic Design

These useful resources not only cover free apps, tools, and plugins but free UI kits, icons, PSD

via byteswire.com Bury Tags: fonts, typography, freebies, typefaces

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Best Free Network Monitoring Tools for 2015

Debb905 | Jan 31, 1:30 AM | 227, 3 | Tools

With the help of our network experts, we have created a list of some of the best free network

via devzum.com Bury Tags: network, security, tools, monitoring

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7 Websites to Download Free Mac OS X Apps

Debb905 | Jan 31, 1:30 AM | 161, 0 | General

Mac OS is best and I love it but cost has been a concern for lot many people for so many years. It

via dailywebdossier.com Bury Tags: apps, mac, websites, freebies

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What's Micro UX in 8 Delightful Examples

robopalmer | Feb 06, 12:52 PM | 186, 0 | Tutorials

Micro UX is an element of a design, often small, fully devoted to fulfilling a single task. Even

via provectus.com Bury

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brucebell | Mar 29, 10:43 PM | 90, 0 | Tools

This site is like Diggs, with 29,000 members and only 3 months old. It has an Alexa rank of only

via bookmarkshub.net Bury Tags: news, social, articles, bookmarking, website promotion

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Tricks Zone Future Technology Collections

trickszone | Apr 09, 11:10 PM | 71, 0 | Tutorials

Tricks Zone is the one of the best website in the world to share the computer technology tricks..

via trickszone.in Bury Tags: tech news, collections of tutorials, tech tricks zone, tricks world, trickszone

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20 New Free Fonts for April 2015

Debb905 | Apr 09, 11:10 PM | 69, 0 | Graphic Design

We would like to present to you a free fonts and typefaces for April 2015. You can use some of

via developersfeed.com Bury Tags: fonts, typography, freebies

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Professional Web Design Company

francy | Apr 20, 12:56 AM | 36, 0 | Web Design

Zed web design Bangalore is offering you an extreme level of quality design service that will wisps

via zedwebdesign.in Bury Tags: web design company

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