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25 Creative Ideas of Public Interest Ads

Mike | May 03, 12:24 PM | 18725, 31 | General

In this post we have collected here are some of the most eye-catching public interest ads, which

via smashinghub.com Bury Tags: creative, ideas, promotion, ads

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Create a Vector Style Magazine Cover in Photoshop

Mike | Dec 23, 5:23 PM | 1639, 53 | Tutorials

This is a detailed and step by step tutorial for creating an Vector based cover page design in

via photoshoptutorials.ws Bury Tags: design, photoshop, vector, cover, magazine

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Free Website Template for Airlines Company

Mike | May 11, 1:23 PM | 3510, 252 | Promos

Here is a Free Website Template for Airlines Company that is developed especially for your websites

via templatemonster.com Bury Tags: layout, themes, website, templates

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Print Ads Through the Decades: The ‘50s

Mike | Jan 19, 8:59 PM | 2472, 89 | Graphic Design

Advertising is considered to be successful if it manages to get our attention and “push” us to

via crazyleafdesign.com Bury Tags: graphics, brand, ads, banners

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Best Code Editors for Android Developers 2015

Debb905 | Jan 10, 3:27 AM | 60, 0 | Tools

We have prepared a list of some of the best code editors, which you can use, and download, and

via devzum.com Bury Tags: mobile, editors, android, code editors

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jQuery and CSS single page portfolio, a vertical parallax navigation experiment

Mike | Mar 02, 4:59 PM | 2531, 173 | Web Design

On this tutorial we’re going to undress the structure of this website and then we’re going to

via tutorialshock.com Bury Tags: ajax, css, design, html, javascript, web, website, tutorials, jquery

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30 Creative and Impressive Print Ads

Mike | Jan 12, 6:36 PM | 2008, 38 | Graphic Design

Ad makers works really hard to create ads which can grab consumers attention. Design ad is not an

via bestfreewebresources.com Bury Tags: design, graphics, print, ads, inspiration

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16 Helpful Online Presentation Tools

Mike | May 06, 12:51 AM | 1244, 21 | Tutorials

Online presentation tools are beneficial when there are long distance meetings due to the

via blueblots.com Bury Tags: microsoft, tools, programming

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15 Best Android Widgets

Mike | Jun 03, 3:31 AM | 4100, 1342 | General

Android owners love to flaunt their precious treasure as it has some of the best widgets to use. A

via slodive.com Bury Tags: tools, widgets, android, resources

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Visit Future: 75 Sensational Examples Of Sci-Fi Illustration

Mike | Jan 17, 2:38 PM | 756, 8 | Illustration

Science Fiction has always been a great inspiration for graphic designers and artists. Their

via designerterminal.com Bury Tags: art, illustration, inspiration

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150+ Photo Enhancing Photoshop and Illustrator Actions

Mike | Jan 17, 2:35 PM | 2337, 234 | Illustration

Use of Photoshop and Illustrator actions is very handy if you are beginner in editing photos and if

via designerterminal.com Bury Tags: illustration, images, photos, photoshop, actions

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Fresh Free Fonts and Typefaces from January 2015

Debb905 | Jan 31, 1:30 AM | 12, 0 | Graphic Design

These useful resources not only cover free apps, tools, and plugins but free UI kits, icons, PSD

via byteswire.com Bury Tags: fonts, typography, freebies, typefaces

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Best Free Network Monitoring Tools for 2015

Debb905 | Jan 31, 1:30 AM | 12, 0 | Tools

With the help of our network experts, we have created a list of some of the best free network

via devzum.com Bury Tags: network, security, tools, monitoring

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7 Websites to Download Free Mac OS X Apps

Debb905 | Jan 31, 1:30 AM | 13, 0 | General

Mac OS is best and I love it but cost has been a concern for lot many people for so many years. It

via dailywebdossier.com Bury Tags: apps, mac, websites, freebies

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14 Best Free Photoshop Plugins For Designers 2015

Debb905 | Jan 02, 4:48 PM | 122, 8 | Graphic Design

Highly extensible Photoshop plugins play a big part in enhancing the work of designers. These

via devzum.com Bury Tags: photoshop, plugins

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