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30 Amazing Photo Retouching Tutorials: The Best Editings In Photoshop

Mike | Feb 19, 2:52 AM | 2378, 122 | Tutorials

Adobe Photoshop is a graphics editing program that enables users to creating or modifying images

via multyshades.com Bury Tags: graphics, images, photoshop, tutorials, editing, enhancement, retouching

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60 Bizarre and Creative Business Cards - Noupe Design Blog

Mike | Jan 14, 2:45 PM | 1453, 29 | Identity and Branding

Your business card is the slogan of your business. The more creative, unique and appealing your

via noupe.com Bury Tags: brand, business cards, inspiration

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How to Display Social Share Counts in WordPress as Text

Debb905 | Jan 20, 1:43 PM | 165, 0 | Web Design

To display the share count of a social network in a WordPress post or page, embed the shortcode of

via designmodo.com Bury Tags: code, wordpress, plugins, snippets, social share count

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Fresh Free Fonts and Typefaces from January 2015

Debb905 | Jan 31, 1:30 AM | 113, 1 | Graphic Design

These useful resources not only cover free apps, tools, and plugins but free UI kits, icons, PSD

via byteswire.com Bury Tags: fonts, typography, freebies, typefaces

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Best Free Network Monitoring Tools for 2015

Debb905 | Jan 31, 1:30 AM | 149, 3 | Tools

With the help of our network experts, we have created a list of some of the best free network

via devzum.com Bury Tags: network, security, tools, monitoring

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7 Websites to Download Free Mac OS X Apps

Debb905 | Jan 31, 1:30 AM | 105, 0 | General

Mac OS is best and I love it but cost has been a concern for lot many people for so many years. It

via dailywebdossier.com Bury Tags: apps, mac, websites, freebies

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What's Micro UX in 8 Delightful Examples

robopalmer | Feb 06, 12:52 PM | 118, 0 | Tutorials

Micro UX is an element of a design, often small, fully devoted to fulfilling a single task. Even

via provectus.com Bury

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Free Static Facebook Template for Music Band Page

Mike | Mar 10, 6:33 PM | 2759, 230 | Promos

We have tried our best and today we present this Free Static Facebook Template – the powerful

via templatemonster.com Bury Tags: band, design, facebook, music, themes, website, templates

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Best Free PSD Website Templates Of February 2011

Mike | Mar 03, 5:03 AM | 1915, 116 | Web Design

Best free PSD Website Templates for free download listed below. I hope you like these fresh and

via webdesignish.com Bury Tags: photoshop, psd, themes, website, templates

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10 Awesome High-Quality Free Fonts to Download

Mike | Jan 10, 2:47 PM | 769, 18 | Graphic Design

Let start 2011 right with 10 Awesome High-Quality Free Fonts to Download. So to get things started

via underworldmagazines.com Bury Tags: download, fonts, free

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40 Embossed Business Cards With Classy Look and Feel

Mike | May 11, 1:18 AM | 1201, 23 | Graphic Design

Embossed Business cards give a special touch to your cards and makes them more elegant and stylish.

via slodive.com Bury Tags: design, graphics, business cards, inspiration

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Creating ajaxy Chained Selects with jQuery

Mike | Jun 02, 3:27 AM | 2412, 79 | Tutorials

Today we will talk about creating dependent (chained) selects for your projects. This can be any

via script-tutorials.com Bury Tags: javascript, script, tutorials, programming, jquery

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10 CSS And Javascript Animation Plugins, Frameworks and Libraries

Mike | Dec 03, 6:29 AM | 1157, 23 | General

Also, CSS3 animation has been a popular topic due to the rise of CSS3 even though not all browsers

via queness.com Bury Tags: css, development, javascript, tools, plugins, resources, libraries, framework

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28 Beautiful Tree Images

strawberry | Jun 27, 5:39 PM | 1157, 14 | Photography

Trees are part of the nature around us and they all have unique shapes and forms. These signs of

via photopoly.net Bury Tags: images, tree

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Download Free PNG, ICO Format Icon

FPD | Jun 24, 3:30 AM | 1477, 51 | Graphic Design

Free PNG icons from webtoolhub.com, Free Icons are the basic requirement of any web related

via freepsddownload.com Bury Tags: download-icons, free-icons, png-icons

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